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By: Astrometeor, 6:42 PM GMT on July 31, 2012

Hello everyone. As some of you well know I have just recently joined the WU community. After I saw the news about WU and TWC I was decided now or never on joining. Hopefully things don't go south thanks to that deal. I have faith in Dr. Masters.

As I am writing this we are watching a disturbance in the Atlantic. Hopefully things pick up a little bit.

Well I guess I should introduce myself. My handle is Astrometeor obviously. I live in Nashville, Tennessee. I am 16 years old. I have been interested in weather since 1st or 2nd grade when nighttime thunderstorms would scare me into hiding in my parents' room. Needless to say, I don't do that anymore. I play soccer for my local rec league and I am trying to help set up an Ultimate Frisbee league inside my school district. As I put in my little bio, I have hobbies in Boy Scouts, Science Olympiad, soccer, Frisbee, and cycling. Both my parents have degrees in Astronomy, hence the first part of my handle. Meteor for Meteorology of course.

I am one of the Anti-GW/CC people but don't hate me for it. I respect Dr. Masters and his beliefs on climate change but this isn't the first time that Earth has heated up. It isn't even close to the fastest. But I'll save that for another post sometime. Its hard for me to accept change though, since I am a conservative and have been raised that way. When climate-gate happened, every climate scientist lost credibility with the media and with the nation.

As I am writing this, the next day (August 1) is my first day of school at MLK Magnet High. Wooo! Senior! One year left till I go to college. I've already begun to look at colleges and am open to suggestions.

Again, hello everyone and I hope this can be a great relationship between me and the community of Weather Underground.

Love my dog. In addition I have a cat and two rats. The dog is named Thunderbolt and the cat Coyote Bait. My rats names are Rattie and Jamie Beth. The dog and the cat get along just fine but neither are allowed to see the rats for obvious reasons.

Edit: Updating as things and life revolve amongst me.

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