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Busy, busy, busy

By: Astrometeor, 3:52 AM GMT on April 19, 2013

When I have time I'll come back.

School tests are coming, but before them is AP tests, concert for band, solo test, graduation, and general hell.

I'll check the blogs if I have time in between, but until May 24 passes, I doubt I shall be on much.

See y'all around.

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April 16, 1998: Tornado Outbreak Anniversary

By: Astrometeor, 7:39 PM GMT on April 14, 2013

I was not yet two years old at the time of this happening. My mother was several months pregnant with my little brother, she told me her recounting.

The meteorologists called this one perfectly, the night before they said there was to be two rounds of severe, one in the early morning, and then the real stuff in the afternoon at diurnal max. When the next round of severe began to come, the schools released early, and mom said my sister and older brother came running up the hill trying to get home before the storms got there. She had to wake me up from a sleep (waking babies is a horrible idea) to take me down to the basement for shelter.

Meanwhile, downtown, my father looked out his window and saw it. A large wedge tornado heading straight for downtown Nashville. The sirens went off and everyone headed for the stairs. Skyscrapers are safe as long as you aren't near the glass. The only thing that was on my dad's mind was, "How am I going to get home? There will be emergency crews everywhere, and I don't know if the car will still be there or not." Eventually he did get home, but it took 6 hours for him to do so, somehow the car was undamaged, even though there was debris everywhere, huge hailstones had fallen, and the car was parked out in the open. A miracle from God, I guess.

Now for the weather part of the storm, from the NWS Nashville:

Click here for more data on the individual storms

An historic tornado outbreak of at least 13 tornadoes struck Middle Tennessee on April 16, 1998. Many of these tornadoes were strong or violent and tracked long distances, killing 4 people and injuring nearly 100 people, while causing hundreds of millions of dollars in damage. The most infamous tornado during the outbreak struck downtown Nashville, blowing out numerous windows in skyscrapers and causing the collapse of some older buildings. Other notable tornadoes included three violent tornadoes in southern Middle Tennessee that reached F4 to F5 intensity, and an F3 tornado in Pickett County that damaged or destroyed hundreds of homes and businesses. Wilson County was struck by 4 different tornadoes during the event.

This tornado outbreak was unusual in several respects. First, the event lasted nearly the entire day, with the first round of severe weather beginning very early (around 4 AM CST), and the second and more significant round of severe thunderstorms and tornadoes occurring during the afternoon and evening. Second, synoptic features with this outbreak were not noticeably intense, with a relatively weak low level jet stream of only 35 to 45 mph at 850 mb (around 5000 feet above the ground), and a weak area of surface low pressure around 1000-1005 mb located well to the north across the Great Lakes. Upper air soundings at Nashville also were not noticeably impressive, with the 18Z sounding showing veered low level winds and only modest convective available potential energy (CAPE) around 1000 J/Kg. However, a large wind maximum at 500 mb (around 20,000 feet above the ground) of 80 to 90 mph extended from Texas into the Tennessee Valley region, which provided considerable lift for severe thunderstorms to develop throughout the day.

A reanalysis of the tornadoes from this historic event was undertaken in 2013 using radar data, NWS research and documentation, spotter reports, and Google Earth imagery. As a result, several of the official long track tornadoes in Storm Data were determined to be separate tornadoes. In addition, start times and path lengths of tornadoes were adjusted to better match radar data. Although 13 tornadoes are listed here, a few other tornadoes may have touched down across Middle Tennessee as indicated by radar imagery.

The Nashville Tornado's Destruction:

The tornado touched down at 330 PM CDT one mile west of Charlotte Pike and I-440. A tree fell on an ROTC student at Centennial Park. He died later on May 4 from his injuries. The tornado went through downtown Nashville at 340 PM and on toward East Nashville, Donelson, and Hermitage. The tornado blew out many windows in office buildings. The Nations Bank Office Towers were one of the hardest hit buildings in Nashville. Tennessee Performing Arts Center (TPAC) and the Tennessee Towers sustained damage. TPAC had over 100 windows blown out. NOAA Weather Radio broadcasts from the Tennessee Towers, and was off the air for about 24 hours. Thirty private airplanes were damaged at Cornelia Fort Airport. Estimated damage to airplanes was 3 million dollars. Thirty-five buildings in downtown Nashville were "red tagged," meaning these buildings were structurally unsound. Many signs in Davidson County were blown down or severely damaged. The tornado blew down 3 out of 10 cranes on the construction site of the Tennessee Oiler's Football Stadium near the Cumberland River. The tornado continued east and hit the residential section of East Nashville. At least 300 homes were damaged in East Nashville. Many homes lost a good part of their roofs, trees were uprooted, telephone poles were knocked down. St Ann's Episcopal church, which is over 100 years old, received major damage. Uprooted trees and damaged roofs were the story across Donelson and Hermitage. Numerous windows were blown out from the Gaylord Building in Donelson. About half the trees (over a thousand) were blown down at Andrew Jackson's home, the Hermitage. Some of those trees were well over 200 years old, and a few of them were planted by Andrew Jackson himself. Mayor Bredesen closed downtown Nashville on Friday, April 17. The downtown area was reopened Monday, April 20. This gave time for cleanup crews to remove broken glass and repair downed power lines. Nashville Electric Service reported 75,000 customers were without power.

Some links regarding the radar and velocities (You can see the hooks):





The next few videos show some video that is permanently etched into the minds of all of Nashville, to me, it represents something that I love, but never want to see happen to a major city.

A Youtube video or two of those who risked their lives to record such a horrific storm:




And finally a link to a guy who took pictures:


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Thanks for reading. We only lost one person in the F3 that struck Nashville, a ROTC student standing under a tree on Vanderbilt University's campus. A large branch fell, striking him. He died on May 4 of his injuries.

Tornado Spring

UTK: A Science Olympiad Experience: Day Two: Part Three

By: Astrometeor, 5:46 AM GMT on April 14, 2013

Resume Day Two: Part Three: Awards

We went and grabbed a spot amongst the high school crowds waiting for the middle school awards to be done. The whole thing used to be in one happy venue, but some alumnus threw a fit and now we are housed in small venues. Loser alumnus.

ANYWAYS, we are standing there and Micheal goes off for a drink, when who walks up but the old friend we were looking for earlier. Her name? Chelsea. She comes up to us, and so we say hi and begin chatting with her, we talk about the differences between Hume-Fogg and MLK, we tell her that she hasn't missed much (we didn't know about the First Lady at that point), and she laughs. About that time, Micheal walks up behind her, sees Aaron, and is about to say something to him when:
Me: "Hey, Micheal (motions towards Chelsea)"
Micheal: "So?"
Me: "*whispers* that's Chelsea."
Micheal: "Out of my way, Nathan!"
Me: "lol"
Micheal pushes me out of his way, stands in front of a slightly shocked Chelsea and re-introduces himself. They talked for a while, Chelsea remarked how different Micheal looks now after 3 years (she should talk about herself, lol, she's the one that changed). They exchanged phone numbers at which point I got a little bored and went to find a new conversation.

Mr. Wang, an old chem teacher of ours came over. The reason of his leaving is quite interesting. He was hired to fill a vacant position, but he only taught one year. MNPS fired him when they found out he didn't have a teaching license. Hundreds at our school were outraged. They have NO RIGHT to fire someone at our school. It should be the decision of the principal to make such a call. The idiots at the school board fired one of the best chem teachers in the nation and irked people here a little closer to the point of no return. But, our tensions between us and the school board shall be reserved for a future post. He introduced us to his current students, who apologized to us that we couldn't have him, we told them that they have the best and that they should enjoy it. All of a sudden, one of them shouts out, "HE'S ENGAGED!" And Mr. Wang goes, "Don't tell them that!" We all go aww, and congratulate him.

As the crowd begin to push itself in (we can hear the announcers getting to the end, but its not the end yet), Micheal decides the team members needs some cool names. He looks at one girl, and goes, GUNGOR SMASH. She looks at him, and says, "don't say that, Ranine might get jealous." Micheal: SMASH, GUNGOR, ANGRY. Lol. At that point, the middle schoolers were released and boy did the MLK kids look depressed. The night before they were like, "We are going to go to Nationals!". They were #7 out of 18 teams, just missing out on #6 which would have gotten them a trophy. I think they have never faced such competition before, they are always used to winning, and then they found out that for some things, you actually have to study if you want a chance at winning. For weeks/months before, they thought this was going to be a breeze. Yeah, well.....they learned the hard way.

We walk in, sit down, Chelsea says her final goodbyes to us and goes to sit with her team. Micheal meanwhile, sits down, and begins texting.
Me: "Micheal, who are you texting?"
Micheal: "No one."
Me: "Chelsea?"
Micheal: "NO!"
Camron: (leans over, looks, turns towards me) "yes"
Me: "haha, oh Micheal...."

The announcer welcomes us to the show, and then proceeds to do the fastest awards show we have ever seen a SciOly competition do. He ran through the awards, not letting time for the winners to have their pictures taken. I got 4th with Micheal for Robot Arm, doing better then we did last year by one place, even though we scored twice the amount of points we did last year (shows how much more competitive is has gotten). Team awards: Hume-Fogg got 5th, that scared us, we didn't think we would place higher than that. 4th place goes to..............MLK! EAT THAT HUME FOGG, WE ARE STILL SUPERIOR. Err, I mean, good job Hume-Fogg, see you next year. We went outside and found us a spot where we could unwind for a brief bit.

Aaron and Alex threw around a Frisbee and the rest of us relaxed. Well, the middle schoolers went and found items of comfort, i.e. sticks. I stayed away from those people. Ultimately, we took some team pics and then went down to find the bus. At which point we had no idea where the bus was. Uh-oh. Luckily, we had the guy's number and he drove around to pick us up to take us home. Michelle mentioned to Micheal if he could put her ideas into a physical drawing for our class shirt, and I made a remark that I thought her ideas were kinda lame, at which point I received criticism for saying so. I don't care if it was a mean remark, I just think the idea was pretty lame. She's just copying ideas off of what others have done in the past. What we need is a good artist who can accurately capture the life of our class. Her idea does our class injustice.

Once everyone was ready, I told the bus driver to follow my mother's lead and off we went. Next job was to get out of town and find a restaurant to eat at. Mom didn't want to get off at an exit unless she could see the place from the interstate, well that ruined one stop. We passed another with a Burger King, because I have no respect for their cooking skills. Their fries taste like meat to me. Eww. Finally, we found a McDonalds that we could see from the highway and we got off there. When everyone unloaded from the bus, they all had a depressed kind of look on their faces. I went up to Michelle, and was like, "Michelle, what's wrong? Don't you like McD's?" Her response: "groan." Sheesh, some people and no appreciation for my skills of picking out a good place to eat. I got a chicken BLT and a coke but didn't eat it since my stomach was beginning to hurt. I didn't want to worsen the situation. I would never eat that sandwich.

We got up and left, but not before seeing Whites Station pull in. They had the same brilliant idea as I did, so I don't want to hear any complaining from anyone.

On the road again, fell asleep, woke up to find my stomach increased in pain. Gah, why do these things always happen to me?

Get back to school, found out that the track team had just got back from a meet down in Chattanooga, lol, they just beat us back to Nashville. Everyone leaves except for a couple of people within minutes, meanwhile my stomach is in serious pain. Mom gives me antacids, eventually a trip to Burger King (of all places) does enough for me to feel stable enough to go home. I didn't feel better till the morning.

I think the odd hours, combined with not getting enough of my nutrients caused my stomach to stage a rebellion. And boy did it hurt.

Get home, got to bed at 12:30 am Sunday morning.

End of UTK Experience.

Thanks for reading!

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UTK: A Science Olympiad Experience: Day Two: Part Two

By: Astrometeor, 7:42 PM GMT on April 13, 2013

Day Two: Resume from after Lunch

When I got back to the homeroom, I hooked up on Michael where we spent some time doing last minute practice trials with the Robot, whom he had named Hans. Last year it was named Armstrong. Seems like we have some pretty good comedians on the team, eh? A parent/coach built some goal boxes out of cardboard boxes that matched the dimensions of the goal boxes we would see in competition. He even made a bonus box, a tall goal with a narrow opening, where, if you drop something in, that is a bonus of 10 points, for a maximum of 30. We managed to get most of the PVC pieces into the boxes, got a nail into the goal box, and two pencils. Nails are a little slippery, on account of the smooth texture of a nail and that iron/steel is quite the challenge to grip for a robot.

Elizabeth took time off from studying for her exam by practicing on her flute. She said she had tryouts for a scholarship to Blair's School of Music in Nashville, TN. The only downside to her practicing is that she plays really well and thus created a distraction for everyone else. Hopefully, she got that scholarship.

Earlier, Alex and Aaron had come back from Maglev with good news! Two magnets fell off and the car did better than in the test trials! We all had a good laugh at that.

Finally, time came around (some pretty boring time passed) to do Robot Arm with Michael. Mom drove us over there, I didn't want to walk to University Center carrying super heavy bot and counterweight. Walked in there, set down our robot, and then found a friend of Micheal's and he began to tell us about some other teams that he has watched (the event lasted 3 hours, testing took a while). When we got there, there were two guys operating a wireless robot. There were actually two arms, when one arm moved, the other reacted. One operated the secondary arm, the other kid operated a control box that opened/closed the gripper hand. Pretty clever, but really jerky.

Looked like people learned from their mistakes last year. Last year, people just went and bought robots, which turned out to be too small for the competition. But, I have Micheal, who is one of the best with this kind of techie stuff. Last year, we placed 5th, and did better than state champs MBA. This year people built their own bots, mainly out of VEX, although you could still see the unfamiliarity that comes with being a non-engineering student, designs were wobbly and unstable, and like I said above, the robot movements were jerky and sudden. But this is a learning event, and we could see our competitors getting better at the event compared to last year.

Anyways, Micheal's friend showed us his robot. It was pretty cool, since the thing was made out of Kinects pieces, and he used a counterweight like us to balance the weight of the arm with the weight of the base so that the contraption doesn't tip over and suffer a major fail. His partner took the spare time to take a nap on the floor. We went to look at a sheet that told us who was in which order of doing the actual test, and we found out we were second to last. Ugh, that meant a lot of waiting. It took about 10 minutes for each team to do the test set out in front of them, even though you only get 3 minutes of actual time. Other minutes are devoted to prep and practice.

We didn't get to do our test until 15 minutes after the "official" end of the even, the tests took longer than UTK realized. At that point, a huge crowd was gathering-the university was going to do refreshments as soon as we were done. The test proctor made an announcement to the people that this was a testing environment and he would much appreciate it if he could be able to talk to the participants. So, he asked everyone to use whisper voices in the hall. The noise level did go down, but just enough to allow us to hear ourselves think.

Finally, it was our time. As the second to last group, we had suffered an exorbitant amount of time standing around and watching the other groups go, trying to relieve ourselves of the anxiety that was setting in. We had our three minutes of practice, everything seemed to work well. And then we began the actual test. My job was to keep Michael on pace and make sure that when Michael was ready to drop an object into a goal box, the arm's gripper was positioned perfectly to make the drop. That included not hitting any of the goal boxes as he was moving the arm around. We got all 5 PVC pipes into the goal boxes (including one bonus, along with one nail and one pencil) and got two more nail and two pencils into goal boxes. We then raised our arm with ping-pong ball in hand up to its tallest reach-89cms. We calculated afterwards that we earned 40 of the 93 points, twice as good as last year (which we placed 5th).

Micheal and I then proceeded to walk out of the building where we could separate ourselves from the hustle and bustle of the crowds waiting to stampede into the refreshments. Micheal called my mother, who instructed us to go to the parking lot where we could put our stuff in her car. We did, completed the 5 minute walk over there and then waited 15 minutes for her to be able to get over there. Mom had to back the car up, because other people weren't very good at parking and we couldn't open up the passenger side doors.

After that we went and joined the rest of our team in the refreshment hall, got some snacks, then found a room where we could play card games by ourselves. Melissa and Elizabeth won the only game we managed to play, somehow only me and Melissa noticed when Elizabeth freaked out (she can't do a poker face) when Melissa grabbed the card that Elizabeth needed to win. I have no idea how everyone else missed that.

End of Part Two Day Two: Awards

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UTK: A Science Olympiad Experience: Day Two: Part One

By: Astrometeor, 5:47 PM GMT on April 13, 2013

Beginning of Day Two: April 6, 2013

So, we wake up at 5:45 am EDT to the ringing of a phone from our high school coach waking us up. Worst sound ever, one moment I am having sweet dreams, the next "RING RING....RIIIIING" Me: as#*!. Then, moments later, my mother came around banging on all the doors and ordering us to turn on the lights in the room to see that we were serious about getting up. Got up, got dressed into the AWESOME team shirt, and prepared to leave. I went to the girls' room, retrieved my laptop bag that I left overnight (hehehe) and went downstairs to begin loading my stuff back into my mother's car. For breakfast I had one muffin, that's it. Staying up late makes my stomach ill-receptive to most breakfast foods. Said good morning to everyone. Looked like I was the only one that can jar themselves to full awareness. I mean, we all have done all-nighters, yet these people looked as if they had never done one before. Sheesh. We loaded up everything, I say bye to my friends as they boarded the bus, and we left for downtown Knoxville.

Arrival, everyone off, everyone grab a piece of the equipment and move towards homeroom. Took us a couple of trips. People who have to impound (sign in builds) go with my mother to impound building. For some reason the door to the building was locked, but we were lucky to find that another team had gotten in and they were holding the door for us, eventually someone propped it open with a "wet floor" sign. When we got inside, everyone broke the #1 rule: Do not take bins unless your event is about to start. I guess they were using the bins as comfort blankets-some of the girls were clutching the bins as they fell asleep, lol.

Soon, people began leaving for their events, they had to go and find my mother for IDs to be able to get into their events. I only had two events, and the first one wasn't for two hours, so I had time to burn/last second studying. I typed up the last of my notes on Dynamic Planet (theme was glaciers) and asked my mother when she came back for printing. The printer we brought was donated to us "cause the paper try stopped working". Basically you had to hand-feed the printer one piece of paper at a time. After me and a couple print jobs, the printer ran out of ink, luckily we got in everyone's orders. Most people did their printing last night at the Hampton Inn we stayed at. My friend Michael was teaching Zheer some last minute things to know on Circuit Lab including Faraday's Law. He asked me if I wanted to know, and I said I would rather wait for our teacher to teach it. Maybe I should've listened to Michael given that last test (shivers).

I helped a friend focus on her AP Bio textbook, and showed her some things on WU. Then I turned my computer over to Michael so he could practice with his robot and work on the programming side of it. We ended up not using the program, it would've been too risky if something went wrong (rules do not allow touching of robot during competition).

Finally, the time to go to Dynamic Planet with my partner, Jenny, had arrived. We get our stuff together and set out. This year they moved the event to the University Center. Last 6 years it was in the same building, don't know why they didn't use that one, there were other events there too. We arrive right on time as the professor opens up the door and lets everyone in. He spaces us out so that no one can eavesdrop on another team's whispering. When we got our test, we realized with horror that it wasn't a MC test (this is what all the other organizers-other states, and the national does) but rather was a set of three essays. Normally, this wouldn't be too bad, after all, me and my partner have learned from the #1 and #2 teachers in the state. But, in the prompt, and the professor also announced, he wanted the essays to make glaciers seem like fun. My partner's sense of humor is one that is only funny if you know her well. Also, HOW THE **** ARE WE SUPPOSED TO MAKE SCIENCE (let alone glaciers) FUN???. Well, we tried, we wrote the essays. The prompt only covered about 10% of the material that the rulebook had told us to study, virtually voiding our notes. Jenny wrote about the formation of glaciers and how the packing on of snow to ice is like a man gaining weight. <--LOL. I couldn't really make mine fun because it was a scientific prompt question (how do ice ages happen) but I did insert some humor (when the discussion went cold....). We walked back from that exam frustrated that we had to do something like that-most likely the judge wouldn't take to our humor very well.

After we got back, Jenny got the bin for her next test and went with her next event partner up while I got some time to rest. Some teammates of mine asked if I wanted to go to lunch with them and I said sure, so we all walked back over to the University Center and went downstairs to the restaurant room. There, two people got Chick-fil-A while the rest of us got two pizza slices from an Sbarro's Italian. Those were some big pizza slices. Very good though. It was kind of funny, because as we were ordering, Elizabeth found out she didn't have enough money so I gave her 7 extra bucks to cover her portion and mine. As we were eating, a group approached us and asked us if we wanted our helicopter back. We said, "Um, sure." Turns out the middle school had gotten their heli stuck in the rafters on the second flight and these people managed to get it down afterwards. We thanked them and took the copter to take back to homeroom.

Then while we were eating, we began discussing about an old friend of ours, who we knew was somewhere here at the competition, just on our arch-nemesis's squad. We thought about inviting her down to lunch, but decided that we didn't have enough time to wait for her so instead we finished our meal, cleaned up, and headed back to our homeroom. On our way back, we met a member of the middle school team who was at the helicopter event and who was very happy to have it back. So happy that, after running ten steps with the thing, the wing hit his leg and snapped in two. Brilliant. At least they had already done the event.

End of Day Two: Lunch

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Michelle Obama coming to my school's graduation

By: Astrometeor, 2:26 AM GMT on April 12, 2013

So, my school is:
Martin Luther King Magnet High School for the Health Sciences and Engineering at Historic Pearl High School.

Impressive right?

We are the #1 high school in the state of Tennessee, top 100 in the US, according to the US World News. We graduate 100% (some people drop out, so they don't count).

We opened a new wellness center with help from the YMCA, and a wellness group in Nashville. Our SGA threw out junk vending machines, then replaced them with healthy food ones. (we threw out the SGA for that). We have a Green Club that manages the school's recycling program, and manages a community garden across the street.

All this led to a counselor e-mailing the White House and asking if Michelle Obama could give the Class of 2013 commencement address. Then asking U.S. House of Representatives member Jim Cooper to send a letter on our behalf to the First Lady. He obliged. On Monday, our head principal found out and told a couple of teachers. It was soon leaked to the entire upper-class.

Today, the world and the young ones at the school found all of this out,along with a video from the First Lady herself.


I am a junior, unfortunately, but if I can get into the nationally renowned Wind Ensemble of MLK, I will be able to play for her on graduation day and have a free ticket automatically.

Let's go MLK Royals!

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UTK: A Science Olympiad Experience: Night One

By: Astrometeor, 4:02 AM GMT on April 08, 2013

Beginning of Night One

So, yeah, I stayed in the girls' room for a couple hours reading some old notes from regionals, and researching Milkankovitch cycles on Wikipedia. They yelled at me for being a Republican, apparently all three Asians in there think Reps are stupid and so they are Dems instead. Whatever. I shall post some other time when I get done with a book I am reading on why the Dems thinking is horribly wrong. Busra was like, "reps are just the b-word." I said, "b-word?" And Michelle replied, "B-word? You mean bi*ch, right?" At which point all 4 of us in there laughed. Another girl, Ranine, was working with my little brother for three hours that night building something called a helicopter (doesn't look like the real things), and she was cursing at how long it took for the glue to dry.

After a while, when Michelle got into her pajamas and then began to study while tucked in to her bed, (I could barely tell if she was asleep) Busra began hinting at me that I should go to bed. Finally all three, Ranine, Busra, and Michelle told me that I was sleepy and that I should go to bed. I responded that I would do it right there, I would go to bed in their own room, and their faces went pale. Hilarious, but I respected their wishes and got up and left.

I went and helped Michael out on the Robot arm that he has been working on since we got fifth in the event last year. We did robotic surgery, switching around two of the motors to fix the claw's gripping issue. Then we downloaded RobotC (a coding program for this robot's creator called VEX) and Michael spent two hours and wrote up a 6 page piece of coding so the robot would perform the tasks with barely any input from an operator (or so we hoped).

I helped Michael some more on the robot, we began testing it with a layout of the event square and did trials with the arm, making sure it could do certain tasks. At that time, the clock struck midnight so, me, Michael, Jenny, Alex, Aaron, Michelle, Busra, Bushra (yes there are two), and Ranine, all went out to see if we could find an open restaurant. At one point Michelle tripped and fell to her knees in some grass, we all laughed at her but made sure she was okay. Unfortunately, Sonic and McDonalds only do drive-throughs at night and Subway and Taco Bell were both closed for the night. Aaron, Michael and Jenny went to Applebee's though. Apparently it was still open, but the rest of us didn't want to go since it is essentially a bar at this point in the night. They didn't do any drinking, all though we were getting worried when Aaron didn't respond for 1.5 hours about what they were doing over there, and then after being gone for two hours, they finally came back.

Then I went and spent some time in Melissa, Elizabeth, and Shu's (pronounced Sue) room and did some studying there. Shu needed my AP Physics book, so I went and got that for her. Then Melissa showed us this hilarious picture of a hippo doing a face-plant in sea foam, saying that it reminded her of Elizabeth doing it earlier. Which I missed, darn. Mom came by, and asked me what was I doing in the girls' room, and I told her I was studying, sheesh, and she said ok. So, I helped Elizabeth study. She had to read 150 pages of an AP Bio textbook, learning about genetics and DNA replication and stuff. I got the fun part of keeping her awake. (Max, this above part is for you). I helped Bushra and Elizabeth go downstairs and print some notes out, and when we came back upstairs we stopped by Ranine's room. The two girls went in, but I was told be Jenny to stay out, because "no guys allowed," even though I could clearly see both Aaron and Michael in the room. I stayed in there for two hours or so, until Busra came around and was like, "hey, Nathan, I think Aaron and Michael are about to go to bed." So, I went back to my room, only to find Aaron, Alex, Michael, and Jenny playing 'Cards against Humanity'. We didn't go to bed for another hour and a half.

Finally went to bed, Alex slept in a chair (no reason at all, he said it was comfy) and me, Michael, and Aaron slept in the two beds.

End of Night One

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UTK: A Science Olympiad Experience: Day One

By: Astrometeor, 2:32 AM GMT on April 08, 2013

After taking first place on a snowy march Saturday at Volunteer State Community College, we boarded a bus with the second-place middle school to the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

Day 1: April 5, 2013

Please remember that this is all high-school and middle-school. We are not exactly mature.

Michael was wearing pajama pants all day, and under school rules, is defined as "men's lingerie." So, one of the guys at school asked him about it and he was like, "Well, technically I am not here (trip gives us excused absence), so I can wear whatever I want." Guy responds, "well, watch out for the ladies Michael." Left school after taking a interesting (I mean creepy) survey (took me 5 minutes and to remember that word). Time of Departure: 10:20 am. Both high school and middle school boarded the small anchor bus (seats 29) except for me and my brother, we had to ride in our mother's van. One coach rode behind us in her car, too. We stopped for a bathroom break at the Fifth crossing of the Caney Fork River rest stop. As we were walking up the stairs, one of my friends threw a Frisbee straight at the team, it narrowly missed hitting anyone, instead it fell at one of the girls' feet. Needless to say, I laughed and asked her why didn't she catch it. I didn't go to the bathroom, but the majority of the team did (know idea why I find that funny, oh wait, the ones at school are unsanitary). When everyone came out, I held the door open for them, (and for a certain someone who was getting her hair braided as she walked). Then, I went and played Ultimate with three friends, occasionally scaring the hell out of one of my friends' girlfriend, whom would be my glaciers partner by tossing the Frisbee at her. After 10 minutes or so, we packed up again and headed east.

We pulled off from I-40 to go and have lunch at West Hills (I think that's the name) Mall, and I had a footlong sub from Subway, yuum. Not doing Taco Bell since they gave me indigestion in the 8th grade. It was really cute when two 7th grade boys came up and were like, "Where are our sisters? We need to ask them permission to spend money on food." Normally, both of them act like they don't care about their sisters, but when they are in need, they are really funny.

After lunch we went and toured campus, high schoolers didn't really care since we already know our way around campus. Alex (high schooler) had to be that guy while we toured. He went with arms outstretched towards 3 college students who were tossing a Frisbee around. They let him toss it twice before we had to continue onwards. That was pretty funny, we gave him a standing ovation for that (we were already standing, lol) Our high school sponsor, Mr. Beld, had to have his picture taken next to the Chemistry department sign since he is a chem teacher. Too bad his wife didn't come, supposedly Saturday was their anniversary, what better way to spend it, than with a 30 kids running around, doing tests?

So, then we went to the hotel and put all of the things we needed for the night in our respective rooms. I got hazed sorta when my roommate told me there were only two room keys, when in fact there were three and he didn't give it to me until four hours later. wtf man. We threw around a Frisbee outside until the girls came out and asked if any us wanted dinner. duh?

I had a Caesar salad from McDonalds after the others abandoned me.....(I shall get my revenge!) Watched ESPN till the others FINALLY came back. (seething with rage, but I hid it).

When everyone was back, me, Alex, Michael, and Aaron were attempting to pull of the impossible. While the girls and the aforementioned three guys were out eating, Michael snuck up on Busra (girl), tapped on her shoulder, and then whipped his shirt off just as she turned around. From her recollection, she said that she thought he was about to rape her, and she ran for her life (lol). So, Alex and Michael were going to apologize to her by serenading her with a song from Nicki Minaj. They couldn't quite do it, so instead, me and Aaron knocked and I went got in too Busra's and two other girls' rooms. After a while, they all left. Just for a little bit though, I think they went to get some coffee. While they were all gone, Mr. Beld called the girls' room. I, of course, answered. The following conversation:

Me: "Hello?"
Beld: "Wait, Nathan? Why are you in the girls' room?"
Me: "Um, err, long story."
Beld: "Okayyyy, what time do you think I should wake everyone up in order for us to leave on time at 6:30 tomorrow morning? I know that girls usually need a lot of time to get prepared."
Me: "Um, I don't know, try 5:45."
Beld: "You think that's enough time?"
Me: "Hopefully, yes."
Beld: "Okay, bye."

And then he quit the call just as the girls re-entered the room, darn, I told them what he had asked, and they laughed at my, err, evasion of why I was in their room.

End of Day One

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