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How I got Interested in Meteorology

By: Astrometeor, 5:17 PM GMT on August 31, 2013

Well, I've read some other persons here who have great hurricane stories and whatnot, but mine is pretty simple.

Basically, those nighttime thunderstorms that kept waking me up and sending my running to Mom and Dad for shelter. That perked my interest around 2nd grade. Me almost wetting myself from the insane lightning storms that went on at night often during the summers before 2007 was not a sight to behold. Unfortunately, after the major drought of '07, I haven't seen many t-storms since then of the pure power that those storms back then held. Maybe I'm a lesser of an impressionable person, now. Who knows.

Then came 4th grade in April of 2006. Forever sealed my fate. I didn't get to see it, but while me and 600 other students were in tornado drill mode at my elementary school, we had an F3 tornado go by just 1/2 mile or so to the north. Epic. We had teachers going around passing out candy and giving hugs, because, it was pretty clear to everyone that someone would be losing a home. I had classmates crying under the full realization that something bad was going on. My father finally picked me and my brother up (after the storm cleared), and we watched as pretty much every emergency vehicle from Nashville to our south poured into the city (Goodlettsville) to assist in the clean-up. The Metro Church got hit directly, but luckily a member of the church saw the tornado coming and moved the nursery and the 13 babies to the back of the building, where everyone successfully rode out the storm.

I remember watching Katrina in '05, but hurricanes aren't all that interesting for a guy that lives nowhere near the coast. I quickly forgot about those systems up until last year. Katrina actually passed by as a tropical storm and I remember looking out my window and thinking to myself "This thing sure does look wimpy".

After winning awards in three Science Fairs for my meteorology-based projects, including my 5th grade one where I predicted my local weather against the NWS (and did better than the NWS) which granted me a First Place trophy in one of the sections of the Fair, I have found myself repeatedly asked what I am going to major in. Meteorology of course. Duh.

So, yup, this is my pretty pathetic story on how I got interested in weather.

Metro Church damage in my hometown

Same tornado:
Gallatin destruction

NWS coverage:
Storm Survey

One last video:

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Tornado Hurricane Weather

Weather Models and Tropical Cyclone Forecasting

By: Astrometeor, 5:06 PM GMT on August 24, 2013

So, I presented to my APES class (AP Environmental Science) my summer project, which was about models and hurricanes, and I had to keep it a bit shorter than I would've liked, I had 20-25 minutes to present my presentation.

Here's the link to the PowerPoint download if any of y'all would like to read it:
PowerPoint download

Thanks to Skyepony, vis0, and nrtiwlnvragn for sending me helpful and interesting links.

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School Science (general) Hurricane

August Gardens

By: Astrometeor, 8:57 PM GMT on August 17, 2013

Well, it's that time of the year where my family usually goes out and harvests all the food that has grown. So far, we had had a dozen tomatoes, 3 green-bell peppers, and two blackberries. Unfortunately, this year my family was too lazy, and the spring was a bit cold and wet, and we were not able to plant much. One tomato plant died for unknown reasons, while his buddy has been doing extremely well. We have 4 pepper plants in pots producing away. Another pepper plant produced two peppers before succumbing to a hungry tomato caterpillar. One caterpillar ate the entire plant except for the bottom half of the stalk. -_- That was one large worm, lol. The blackberry plant that was behind the garage died when my mother sprayed the area for poison ivy. Whoops... Now we have some new stalks growing in what used to be the flower section of the garden. We had a peach tree die this spring, the other two have been struggling, not sure why, no sign of disease apparent. They didn't flower this year, I'm thinking because it was cold so late and the bees are only just now coming around. We lost all of our apples and pears to hungry squirrels just as the pears and apples were reaching their full size. Really disappointed. Mom is unsure of what to do to keep those pesky animals off the tree. Tips would be appreciated for next year.

My tulip poplar tree that was planted when I was born is almost or right at the age of maturity for the trees. Mother looked it up and discovered that the trees often don't flower till around 15 or 16 years old, mine is about to turn 17 years of age. Maybe this year (if it's not too late) or next year we will see the tree flower for its first time.

At school, my friend is the President of the Green Club. The club built a garden at the community center and is currently doing extremely well, having produced what seems to be 100+ cherry tomatoes, several sunflowers, chard, and other plants (I have to ask him what else, I'll update with more info).

Thanks for reading and comments are welcome!

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Summer Gardening

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