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Metro Nashville School Board Making Grave Errors (Series)

By: Astrometeor, 12:26 AM GMT on November 05, 2013

So, I have a series of blogs that I will begin to write and then put out into the world. Hopefully, the first one will be out on Saturday, and I will either have a weekly blog, or bi-weekly, depending on schoolwork. Anyways, here's a list of subjects that I shall be covering, all the issues are local here in Nashville, TN, but I hope you take some meaning (or yell at MNPS) from them as I write these.

1. Attempting to fake an over-population problem and then wanting to shrink the best school in the state because of it.

2. Instituting a policy called "Grading for Learning" in order to artificially curve scores upwards. Grading for Learning Blog Post

3. Allowing poor teachers to stay in the system, bullying good teachers, and not hiring those who are qualified to. Poor vs Good Teachers-Part One and Poor vs Good Teachers-Part Two

4. What is "Diversity"? And what is its relation to standards? What is Diversity blog link.

5. Charter Schools vs. Public

6. Standards in General, Such as Common Core.

More to be added as list grows. Links for each blog will be added as each one is published. And, this may not be the order for which blog will come out when, just which idea came first to my mind.

Edit on 11/10/13: Bi-weekly means once every two weeks, sorry for any possible confusion.

Edit: Addendum on 11/20/13 to #6. Arne Duncan's comments will be used there as well.

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