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By: Astrometeor, 12:17 AM GMT on December 30, 2013

My heart is in shambles,
pieces to be correct.

One goes after my old love,
a shy, yet smart Asian girl.
Who didn't share my feelings.

One goes after a church friend.
The only reason I look forward
to attending church anymore.

One goes after a band mate.
Someone who's worked so hard
to bring my character out more.

Other pieces of my heart,
just look with care upon others:

One goes after another Asian,
I used to have a crush on her,
and yet she has remained a fine friend.

One goes after one more church friend,
she only seems to care for me
when I am hurting deeply.

One goes after a Latino friend,
old classmate from my MS years,
I try to say hi to her every chance.

My heart is in pieces,
shambles to be correct.

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P.S. Thanks to everyone for the heartwarming words on my blog with Lost in it, you guys mean a lot to me.

P.S.2: If Kori reads this, get well buddy. Everyone here misses you, even Cody (even if he won't admit it).

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What I Got For Christmas

By: Astrometeor, 9:02 PM GMT on December 26, 2013

Cody (TropicalAnalystwx13) asked me Christmas Eve night what did I get for Christmas. Of course, I hadn't gotten anything yet, but now I have. So, just gonna make a short post about what I got for Christmas, I'll try to get links/pictures/descriptions of the items in the comments below.

1. Hershey Kisses

2. Chocolate Coins

3. Minecraft Poster (for college, from sister)

4. 175 gram Ultimate Frisbee

5. BaCoN Periodic T-Shirt

6. Travel Manicure Set

7. Things That Matter by Charles Krauthammer

8. $25 Amazon gift card

9. Cutlery Set (for college)

10. Morse Code Shutter Card

11. Glen Campbell Music CD

12. A pair of 8GB flashdrives (one snowboard, one surfboard)

13. Malachite (for my rock collection, courtesy of my sister)

14. Fuzzy Men's Holiday Socks

15. Steam Account (courtesy of my sister)

16. A copy of the US Constitution

17. Maintaining my friendship with my dear friend Max

I hope everyone else had a Merry Christmas! Welcome to leave comments below.

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By: Astrometeor, 7:04 AM GMT on December 24, 2013

I am lost.
I do not know
where to go.
Can someone
help me?

I am lost.
My heart
is in depart.
Will someone
help me?

I am lost.
No one loves me
this I see.
Will anyone
help me?

I am lost.
I hope for a hug,
but am told "You are a bug".
Why won't anyone
help me?

I am lost.
I can see the hills,
but I have no bills.
Would anyone
help me?

Would anyone?
Help me?

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Strange Emails

By: Astrometeor, 3:28 AM GMT on December 10, 2013

So, I'm sitting in my AP Environmental Science class around 20 minutes or so before the end of school, when all of a sudden (ok, they'd been doing this on and off, but this was different), my two Asian friends (E and J for simplicity and anonymity's sake) create a minor commotion. I look at them to get a better sense of what's going on. One, J, is laughing near her normal hysterical laugh, but E on the other hand, seems to be distraught over what happened.

They see my gaze, and E goes, "Astro (insert my real name, she didn't say Astro), DON'T read your e-mail when you get home, please don't. J wrote it, not I, and I would never say such a thing."

Apparently, J managed to write a whole e-mail to me and send it on E's account, before E ever noticed. When she did, she near panicked, because the e-mail is quite harsh...and she knows that I have a crush on her. She begged me not to read it, yeah....

Then I told her, "Tell you what E, I'll post it to my weather blog (she knows I have a blog, I send her links to some of mine from time-to-time)." E goes, "No. No, no, no, no, no. Please no. PLEASE NO."

So, without much further ado, I give to thee the two e-mails. First, the panicky response:


Now, what had caused the whole scene in the first place (names have been censored):

Dear Astro,

I hate you. I hate you with the fiery passion of a thousand sounds. Nothing would please me more than to dropkick you into the next century. The sight of your face causes physical pain, and my innards feel like escaping into the nearest toilet whenever the thought of you crosses my mind. You are the parasitic flatworm to my Chinese mitten crab, and you are the main cause of my species to keep in check.

Get out of my life and stay in the insipid scum pools where you belong, scum.

No love,

p.s. J is awesome

For the blog, the flatworm, mitten crab reference was to a power-point that had just ended from a classmate that had done a project on the invasive species of the Chinese mitten crab.

Questions? I know, it's just stupid high school drama, but hey. I'm gonna get grief for posting this from E, she was quite adamant about this. But, then again, Max has gone after me for posting some hilarious things from my email communications with him.

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Grading For Learning

By: Astrometeor, 4:18 AM GMT on December 02, 2013

1. Students will have multiple opportunities to demonstrate proficiency.

2. Students will not receive zeroes; the baseline score is 50, no grade below a 50 should
be given or recorded.

3. Do not reduce the grade on “work” submitted late; provide support for the learner.

Now, before I begin, here is the current grading scale for the high school part of the system:
A: 93-100
B: 85-92
C: 75-84
D: 70-74
F: 0-69

The above statements are the new changes to the Metro Nashville Public Schools Grading Policy for 9-12th grades. I shall address all 3 new changes, however, the reader must remember I am only a student, not an amazing critic or anything. Having said that, there are some serious issues amongst these three new policy changes.

1. This first rule applies to tests (I have yet to see it applied elsewhere). Normally, a lackadaisical student who doesn't study has a chance at failing, which is a 69 or below. This grade would be entered into the system, and depending on the student's overall grade, the effect could be positive or negative. This is a just rule. The crime is not studying, and the punishment is a poor grade. With the new rule, administrators are basically telling students to go ahead and not study, that way you will get a free preview of what's on the test. And, because teachers are too hard-pressed to make up a new test for the few bums of the class, this new rule easily allows cheating to flourish.

2. Wow. You can get half-credit for school now just by showing up. That is extremely pathetic. I don't see how this will help anyone learn, other than how to better cheat the system. If a student can get by a class without having to do certain assignments (knowing full well that they will be awarded a 50), then said student will seize that opportunity.

3. This is a horrible mistake in two ways.

A. Don't tell a teacher to "provide support for the student". The administrator can't make a general rule for a happening that can have a variety of reasons. Don't tell the teacher how he/she should run his/her grading policy on late-work. That has traditionally been at the teachers' discretion, with some teachers not even allowing late work unless for excused reasons (how it should be).

B. This new rule has led to a most interesting affect, and one that shouldn't come as a surprise. Since students now see that they can't be penalized for late work, they begin to procrastinate more (yes, that is possible), and they plan (somehow) that all of the work will be magically done by the end of the grading period rolls around. For example, my little brother is a sophomore. He has an essay that was due a month ago...yet only TWO people in his entire grade (200) turned the assignment in on time. For the teachers, this means no building of assignments (how can a student learn a new lesson if the student hasn't practiced the old one yet?) and a lot of grading at the end of the period (more so than usual, perhaps even a multiplier effect). All this compounds into an enormous problem for the teachers, disturbing their planning schedules, and negatively impacts students who may already be struggling with school.

Grading for Learning sounds to me more like an artificial curve for the school district to meet the new state standards. Talk about a corrupt government. GfL will have no positive impact on students, and may even decrease scores (much to the dismay of admins, I bet). This policy is simply ludicrous. And, perhaps the most despicable effect of all of this is the effects on teachers. Teacher morale at MLK Magnet HS (#1 in TN) is at an all-time low due to all of these attacks on the teacher, with no input from the teachers themselves. The AP teachers are absolutely disgusted, several of mine are threatening to quit if these policies aren't removed...and if they do...MNPS will have a serious problem of filling those positions (it took them 1 year to find a new honors chemistry teacher). However, the teachers have yet to speak up for themselves because MNPS has threatened them about it (even Central Office knows how stupid the policy is). Why keep a policy that has a serious chance of imploding upon itself?

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Supplemental Link on Policy

Thanks for reading as always!

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