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Amicitia et Apologia

By: Astrometeor, 11:31 PM GMT on April 21, 2015

This is a poem for a certain Alex, a friend of mine here at Millersville University. Her birthday is today, April 21, and this is her birthday present. She gave me permission to post it here. Enjoy.


I wish I could tell you
What you truly mean
To me.

To the point that you
Could understand as well as
I do.

Having a real friend
In this hectic world
Is key.

Your beautiful presence and grace
Gives my bland life color
And hue.

What happens if you leave MU?
I don’t know what I’d do.
That’s a scary thought to me,
How can I survive with no love
Out of your beautiful heart?
Unfortunately for me, I can’t.
To you, I owe everything.

Unique in personality and style.

Always ready to help a
Lonely kid reaching out for a friend.
Energetic in heart,
eXactly what I need.

I am lost here.

Even if you stay,
I don’t want to lose you.
Your value as a friend is priceless,
Worth more to me
Than all the world’s riches and money.
And I treasure our friendship immensely.

I worry everyday about
How our relationship is.
That’s why I ask:
“Do you hate me, Alex?”
And I am always briefly
Reassured by your answer “no”.


I am not perfect, Jew,
That much is clear.
Neither are you,
But to me you are dear.
So much worry I have had,
On whether or not I annoy you,
Or make you mad.
This, painfully so, is far too true.
I just wish to not annoy you señorita,
That is my upmost hope.
To this I have a plethora
Of qualms and frets on a thin mental rope.
And even with all this,
Having you as a friend is bliss.

So to you I say thus:
(And this is no fuss)
I am truly sorry mademoiselle,
For being at any time a living hell.

I do not ever want to be overbearing,
All I want to be is caring.
And not to the point that you are upset,
Which to our friendship could be a threat.

I dearly hope you accept this present,
And I trust it makes you content.
With one last endeavor I shall make,
And that is to be your best friend for our sake.

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