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Start of Year 2 and 19th Birthday

By: Astrometeor, 9:08 PM GMT on August 30, 2015

So I started my sophomore year at Millersville University on August 24th, and here are the classes I am taking this semester:

Intro to Logic
Physics with Calculus
Calculus III
Intro to Meteorology

Logic fulfills my last Humanities G1 requirement for General Education. After that I need a few higher level courses and some random things the school thinks for some odd reason students should take, and my general ed. classes should be over with.

Luckily, I have the same schedule as my roommate, and nearly the same schedule as two other friends, so with luck we should be able to tackle homework problems without too much difficulty.

August 27th was my 19th birthday, thanks to BaltimoreBrian for the birthday cake even though it had the wrong age on it, lol.

For presents this year, I got:

1. Nerf Reflex Gun
2. Magic Loops Link to some images and a description
3. USA Mens Soccer Jersey
4. Textbooks (I don’t think these count)
5. Money from both sets of grandparents
6. (will update if anything else)

It’s pretty good considering I couldn’t think of much to ask. Well, except for the textbooks, don’t really want those, but okay.

Since college has started up again, I will be pretty limited on the blogs. Any questions or comments you can leave here on the blog or shoot me a WU-mail, I still check, I just won’t be able to post often due to school obligations.

Thanks for reading, like always.

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