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By: Astrometeor, 11:39 PM GMT on May 20, 2016

Astro is bored and has decided to put a new blog up. There is no serious content in this entry, so if that's your flavor, my apologies in advance. Comments about anything and everything are welcome and will be answered either seriously or comically.

Quoting 78. TropicalAnalystwx13:

The week of severe weather as forecast by models over the past two weeks is almost here. A threat for severe weather will exist across most of the Plains every day this week. The combination of adequate (but not extreme) shear as well as extreme CAPE and great moisture return means significant severe weather will also be possible. No day stands out as high risk material to me at this point, but the aforementioned combination means some interesting and dangerous things may play out over the next 7 days.

Quoting 91. CybrTeddy:

Entirely possible that there won't be a high risk issued this year.

Quoting 98. TropicalAnalystwx13:

Stop with that negativity. We haven't seen one since June 2014.

Question for Cody (TropicalAnalyst): Which is worse, no high risks for the next four years, or a Trump Presidency?

Also, (this from a couple days ago)

Quoting 397. TropicalAnalystwx13:

If this is a depression with a Dvorak of T1.5, then I'm a 90ft pink dinosaur wearing a tutu.

Hint: I'm not.

Breaking news! According to the IMD (India Meteorological Department), Cody is a dinosaur wearing a pink tutu.

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