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Good Bye

By: Astrometeor, 4:19 AM GMT on April 03, 2017

Stopping by to say good-bye to everyone. Will miss everyone. Probably won't join any new site, everyone's format is generally clunky. This place had a good format. Pity it is going away. Yes, yes I could join Disqus, but I doubt I will. I wish I could stay on and tell everyone all the cool things I will hopefully get to do in the future.

I hope some of you make the trip in August to the solar eclipse. Hopefully the weather is clear. :-) Wish this was still here to coordinate, maybe I'll be forced to visit then.

You guys were amazing and wonderful and helped to teach me so much about the weather and everything else. The climate bloggers will remember how I used to be on the wrong side of history with respect to climate change. Neapolitan's hard put-downs are spectacularly harsh, and made the younger version of me real upset on the other side of the screen.

Brian's use of the haiku was incredible but some of the images posted from him were a little creepy. :) Gro's age and experience is wonderful, never learned so much about Noah until I chatted with Gro. Also was never called a twit before. Respect to Patrap for the unending devotion and dedication in making this place a respectable environment.

Barb's updates from Germany were really cool and offered a nice glimpse into European weather. Sometimes I forget about the rest of the world while I am isolated on a college campus.

Best years here was when WU chat existed. The amount of teasing, insults, general chat about the most random of topics will always be a fun memory of mine. Cody (TropicalAnalyst), Isaac (wxchaser97), Kyle (bluestorm5), Kyle (CybrTeddy), Max, Kori, Brian, Gro, sometimes Skye (then we behaved better when she or KEEP or wabit showed up). ;) Amazingly enough, when I say hi to Cody today, I get an insult back. Guess he likes me. :-D

With that, good luck to everyone. I will miss you all. With all of the backup places people are going to, maybe I might be able to renew contact if I ever swing by, say the next AMS meeting in NOLA (Pat, Kori) or visit Brian down in B-more. You guys were my favorite part of the internet for 5 years and I wish all of you the best.

If you want to stay in contact, please send me an e-mail. Tell me your first name and your WU handle, and I'll be glad to strike up a conversation. I stay in contact with Brian and Kori this way, and I have contact with a couple other members. My understanding is this entry will be archived, and I believe still visible. Goodbye everyone. WU will always be a place in my heart.


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