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Cosmic Atlantis; The Last Flight to the Hubble Space Telescope.

By: CybrTeddy, 10:21 PM GMT on January 16, 2008

Hello everyone, this will be the blog that i will give constant update to you Durning Every Shuttle mission this year, From STS-122 to STS-126. The Space Shuttle Atlantis (you know, the Space Shuttle that Hollywood always puts in its movie instead of the Other 3, Challenger was in a few movies, all about its destruction)
STS-122; Atlantis; Columbus

News Update; 1/16. Atlantis is still on course for its NET Feb 7th 2008 Launch with Columbus on Board. Latest news shows they might have solved the Fuel Sensor Problems, that scrubbed the last two launches. Atlantis was going to be retired this year after STS-125, the last Hubble Telescope Mission, but today NASA announced that Atlantis will fly two more missions after that, One in 2009 and another in 2010. Atlantis will install the Columbus European Lab to the Harmony Node 2 Module and continue Station assembley in till the shuttle retires and the Space Station Is finished.

News Update; 1/27. Looks like the ECO Sensor issues have been
solved, NASA Is ready to launch on Feb 7th, There was to much Grease on the ECO Sensors that caused them to not work properly. NASA Is go for Launch. T-11 days to Launch. Today is
the 42nd Aniversary that the Apollo 1 Space Craft was lost on the Ground, On January 27th 1967.

News Update; Today is the 22nd Aniversery of the Day we all might Remember, Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986. This Day, as
well as 9/11 and other such dates, we look back to where we were and what we were doing. Challenger Destruction was partial Blamed on Cold Weather, for when Challenger Launched, it was just above Freezing, a cold morning. Challenger had bad O-Rings, the First rubber o-Ring had a burn through from the Rocket Engines, because it was so cold. The Secondary O-ring almost burnt through right on the
Pad, and if this happend, Challenger and Pad 39-B would have
been Destroyed right when the SRB's ignited. But alumminum from the SRB's blocked the whole for a short time, in till about T-50 when a Massive wind Shear hit the shuttle, knocking the Alumminum from the Joints, the Joint burned through, It burned the tank, And the Bottom part of the Tank
fell out, and the Space Craft Exploded, But the Crew Didn't Die just then, They were Unconsius, which is a good thing, because they didnt feel a thing, for the Cockpit of Challenger was ripped off with all 7 of them inside of it. They hit the Ocean, at speeds they might have hit Rock.

"We Will never froget them, nor the last time we saw them, this morning, as they prepared for their jounery and waved goodbye, and Slipped the surly bounds of earth, to touch the
Face of god" - Ronald Reagan.

1/29; Well, not good news, Atlantis still refuses to launch, now they cant close the payload bay doors on the ground. The
rubber tube that causes the Doors to close has a bend or a kink in it. This is not a Launch Problem, its a Landing Problem. If the Payload Bay doors don't close for landing, one of the Astronauts will have to get into his Space Suit, get to the End of the Payload bay doors, and close them manualy. This would mean, The Astronuat would ride home in the Cargo Bay doors, not inside the cockpit, he would be completely alone, only to hear the sounds of re-entry outside of the doors, which would be creepy to hear if you ask me.

1/30; Atlantis has been cleared to launch With the Flight Readiness Review (FRR) saying go for Launch with the messed up tube, If theres a problem on Orbit, they will do what is they fell is right. Atlantis is to launch On Thursday, February 7th, at 2:47 PM. Endeavour will Launch on STS-123 on March 11th, at 2:31 AM, a Night launch.

2/1; Well, two things are important today; Atlantis problem Sloved, and the Space Shuttle Columbia. Columbia was always my Favorite, It was sad to see her go 5 years ago today. Although we always think of Challenger and all that stuff, Columbia was the Best Space Shuttle, it was the First and the Strongest. One Day on February 1st 2003 at 9:00 AM Exactly, People in Texas look up, to what looked like a Metorite, Columbia was lost, and shortly after People found parts of Columbia all over the place, including Human Remains. The Seven Hero's were America's Hero's that day, for they were lost, and America Remembers them as exactly that. As for the Orbiter Columbia, We think that Space Shuttle's are its, there Hers. Columbia was a alive in a sort of way, it solved problems and corrected itself, thats one of the Reason's why The Space Shuttle is the most Complex machine ever built. I want to say one last thing on the Shutttle and its crew, Never Froget that day, and don't always think of them as hero's because they died, but because of what they did in life.

Also, trying to get away from this sad Aniversary, Atlantis
is basicaly Fixed, for the rubber hose now is cleared, and there going to fix it in an odd way, poke it with a long Pole to fix it.

2/2; Weather Update for Thursday. The night before Launch there will be a Cold front approching that night, with a 20%
Chance of Rain. Thursday, Launch Day should have a 10% Chance of Rain, with some Risk of Clouds. Any Weather issues
should be minute.

70% Chance of no-go for weather today, ECO cSensors are all
looking good, but if we are lucky, ATLANTIS WILL FLY.

2/20; Atlants Landed today and is in perfect Harmony, STS-122 did 3 space walks, and installed the Columbus Lab. Sorry about the not saying anything about the mission while it was up, but this blog is for Pre-Launch Flow and Launch and Landing day. And now begins the blog for STS-123.
STS-123; Endeavour; Kibo.
Space Shuttle Endeavour awaits launch, as for it is sitting on a launch pad on Pad39A. Endeavour will carry the first module for the three part mission for Japans Kibo. This mission will carry the first module up there.

2/20; With Endeavour on the pad, everything is in good shape, no major problems, Endeavour will launch on 3/11 at around 2 Am.

2/25; Nothing unusual at this point, some little minor issues, one involving the payload. Looks to be a successful mission.
STS-124; Discovery; Kibo JEM.
Discovery Launched on May 31st and Delivered the Kibo JEM along with 4 Space Walks and Landed on June 14th.
STS-125; Atlantis; Hubble Space Telescope.
LON-400; Endeavour; Launch On Needed.

6/27; Atlantis's Mission has been changed to a sooner launch date of October 2nd. Meanwhile, SRB Stacking is Complete, and Delivery from New Orlenes to Kennedy, Its tank. Meanwhile, Endeavour is also under processing flow for rollout to LC-39B for Launch of Atlantis, If theres an issue with Atlantis on Orbit, Endeavour will launch with a crew of 4 and return home, and Atlantis will de-orbit unmanned and be destroyed. Atlantis meanwhile has had its 3 Main Engines installed.

6/28; NASA Managers are discussing the possibilty to include
a 6th EVA to the Flight, OPF Processing for Both Endeavour and Atlantis still looking good.

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