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Remebering Challenger.

By: CybrTeddy, 8:41 PM GMT on January 30, 2009

On January 28th, 1986 all the world was applaud.
A rocket sored into the heavens,
with the dreams of the future.
That day the world looked up,
and saw the sacrifice for exploration.

We remember Dick, Mike, Judy, Ellison, Ronald, Greg, and Christa even after all these years.

Ronald Reagan's remarks.

Extremely busy year for NASA!

By: CybrTeddy, 10:05 PM GMT on January 05, 2009

Well, NASA's in for a tough one in '09, and for launches in Cape Canaveral.

[] Going to be sending a Probe to the moon aboard an Atlas V
[] Space Station extended to 6 people.
[] Solar Panel workings finished.
[] 5 or 6 Space Shuttle missions.
[] First ever Ares I launch
[] LC-39B finished for Ares I
[] Finial Hubble Mission
[] Last time 2 Space Shuttles to be on the pad at same time.
[] Second time a need for a LON-4** and hopefully the last.
[] First ever Falcon 9 Launch (Falcon 9's going to be SpaceX's powerhouse to launch a manned Space craft named Dragon to the ISS.)
[] Five Falcon 1 Launches.
[] Second to last year of Space Shuttles,
[] Strong possibility of Barack Obama canceling the Ares I, and going to a quicker, safer and more reliable rocket that is currently used today to Launch satellites into Orbit (Delta IV heavy, Atlas V) to be man rated for Orion.
[] Continued modifications on Orion
[] Ares V possibly canceled for EELV to send Lunar Module into space.
[] Russia to attempt 40+ Launches (Record)
[] Possibility that Space Shuttle program will be extended to 2012 to further closing the gap to about 2 years if EELV is selected.

I am sure I missed a lot of things, but this sure will be a Busy year. Also some footnotes, the Ares I-X, STS-119, and Falcon 9 are all at Cape Canaveral right now, making it (Although Ares I-X and Falcon 9 aren't man rated yet.) first time 3 separate different manned Launch vehicles to be out at Cape Canaveral at once.

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