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Tropical Invest 94L growing more organized.

By: CybrTeddy, 1:15 PM GMT on August 30, 2009

Good morning everyone! 94L has made a comeback overnight as convection has grown around (slightly dispatched to the west) the COC. Looking at its current organization I think a TD by 11 PM or 5 AM is certainly not out of the realm of possibility. Here's a current satellite image of 94L.

Now, I personally think the intensity forecast is problematic, there is an area of high shear in front of 94L, and I mean high shear. But judging by the shear maps, there is an anti-cyclone directly over 94L.

I'll let you judge the intensity and track, but I think that 94L might go north of the Islands, judging by the models. This of course is all subjected to change as the models are absolutely horrible this far out.

Godspeed Space Shuttle Discovery!

By: CybrTeddy, 5:23 PM GMT on August 22, 2009

Multi-Purpose Logistic Module (MPLM) 'Leonardo'

Launch will be on August 25th 2009 at around 1:35 PM EDT. FINAL NIGHT LAUNCH OF THE SPACE SHUTTLE PROGRAM.

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