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CybrTeddy's 2013 Atlantic Hurricane Season forecast! - 4/15/13

By: CybrTeddy, 10:57 PM GMT on April 16, 2013

My first ever video edition!

Note: TURN UP YOUR SPEAKERS. I've had mike problems and for some reason it's quiet as could be. Frustrating, but I hope you guys can hear me as it gets louder as the video goes on. My voice sounds almost nothing like I actually sound like. I found myself virtually screaming into my mike, so my voice is a lot higher pitch than it usually would be. Be patient, this is a learning process for me. :)

This is my first of my weekly video updates! Please also understand, I've made this not for the "hardcore" airmchair forecaster like us - but so that people new into tropical cyclone prediction can understand exactly what all the terminology means, what to look for, and the general basics. So you please understand, I'm more than aware of the several different factors that are going to play into this season (ITCZ, PDO, NAO, etc).

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