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Gulfstream Bounce

By: FLCrackerGirl, 10:59 PM GMT on August 23, 2005

Ever hear of the "Gulfstream Bounce" or "Gulfstream Bob"??

Local Folklore that refers this phenomenon as the way an approaching TS or Hurricane will react with the warm Gulfstream Water near (about 12 miles off) Shore. Usually Slowing-Up or Stalling near Landfall. By doing so, a storm is pushed by the warm, shallow waters in the direction of the gulfstream's flow. (On FL's East Side That's North & West Coast that's South.)

In other words, an approaching storm can be pushed slightly away from a predicted landfall. (Yes, I Know predictions are only an approximation & not exact.)

For Instance,
Hurricane David (cat 1)1979, expected landfall was Palm Beaches and landfell in Stuart.Eye then followed coast line north through Indian River & Brevard Counties.

Hurricane Erin (cat 1) 1995, Baby of all storms.. slow moving & dissipated very quickly. Expected landfall was Stuart/Hobe Sound slowed on approach & landfell in Vero Beach.

Hurricane Frances (hi Cat 2) 2004, stalled at landfall & was over the Martin/St Lucie/Indian River Counties for 28 Hours!! 3 Counties' residents along a 60-75 mile area of coast experienced Frances' Eye.

Hurricane Jeanne (hi Cat 3) 2004, followed Frances 3 weeks later, forward speed decreased significantly before landfall.

On The West Coast,
Hurricane Charley (cat 4) 2004, was expected to make landfall in Tampa but veered into Punta Gorda instead, possibly pushed by the Gulftream.

Could Katrina's Track be influenced?? The Gulfstream Waters are really hot!!

Hurricane Downs Alien Spacecraft

By: FLCrackerGirl, 1:01 AM GMT on August 19, 2005

Hurricane Frances Downs Alien Spacecraft
Updated Post by: FLCrackerGirl/June 22, 2007

The Funniest Storm Story I have Could Have Been The Basis For a Tabloid Story...

An "Alien Space Craft" was used by a local charity at a fundraiser a few years ago. The Props were being stored in the chairwoman's garage. It was made from 2 old, very large satelitte dishes and decorated with christmas lights & assorted metal gadgets. Two Plush, Stuffed "Aliens" that had also been in the display, now resided in the garage too.

Before Hurricane Frances in 2004, the chairwoman tried to take this junk to the local dump, but the traffic backup was enormous. She decide to bring everything back home.

The Chairwoman & Her Sons, placed the aliens in the "space craft" and put it at the edge of her property, some 100 yards away from her house. She wasn't worried it would move as she anchored everything down with cinder blocks. Her Closest neighbors were Acres away.

After The Storm Passed, she forgotten all about the alien ship. Days Later, it occurred to her that she hadn't seen it where she had left it. Sure enough, storm winds managed lift up the craft & deposit into a tall pine tree about 40 feet up!! Too far off the ground to reach, so she decided to leave it where it "landed".

Three Weeks Later, Hurricane Jeanne (Cat 3) didn't even budge the craft from it's perch. The chairwoman & her family had worried the whole time during the storm, that the space ship would get airborne again and land somewhere else.
Could You Imagine That 9-11 Call!!

And Yes, A Year Later Even After Hurricane Wilma, The Space Ship & Its Occupants were still up that tree with algae & spanish moss hangin' off it!! Wilma Passed So Quickly, The "Crash Site" was still intact.

High Winds January 2007 Finally Blew Done The Dry-Rotted Plastic Spaceship from The Pine Trees. The Scattered & Tattered Remains of The Craft & Occupants were given a Fitting Burial...
The Family Backhoed the Ship & Contents into a Pit & Had A Bonfire with Neighbors & Co-workers on Rain-Soaked Superbowl Sunday.

Completely TRUE Story. I'd Actually Seen "The Crash Site" & Got Updates from The Chairwoman Herself... Local Law-Enforcement Office has Pics displayed (albeit, in a staff break-room.)
Sorry! No Pics I Can Post & Not Naming Names...
Just Protecting The Family's Identity as they work in Law-Enforcement & Emergency Services.
They Really Don't Need A Visit From The Men-In-Black or The Media. :o)


By: FLCrackerGirl, 9:22 PM GMT on August 12, 2005

Steve, Thanks for ALL the fantasic info. Your Attention to this Blog is priceless. I hope all the needless posting the last few days doesn't put you off your updates & answering questions.

To All The Bloggers Who Want To Take A "Direct Hit" or think a hurricane is fun or a rush to go through,
You Have No Idea How Destructive & Horrible an Experience It Trully Is. (even cat 1, 2 storms)

My Family Has Lived In Indian River/St Lucie County's here in East Coast Florida for over six generations. Many of my relatives are still in agriculture and manufacturing here. HURRICANES ARE DEVASTING EVENTS for residents, businesses and the natural landscape.

Indian River/St Lucie Counties were hit last year with the "Twisted Sisters" Frances & Jeanne & had the "wave remants" of Ivan in between. This area was on the NorthEast side of these storms both times. The NorthEast Side being the notoriously stronger & wetter side of a hurricane. The destruction was immense....

Most residents were without power for 16-21 days, after EACH Storm. 90% of the area had extensive Powerline damage, no drinkable water, no traffic signals and no merchant services (no groceries, fast food, gas because everything was spoiled or polluted)for or almost 2 weeks after Frances. A County Long Barrier Island couldn't protect the mainlaind from a 10-12 foot storm surge. Hundreds of residents (many seniors) had to be rescued from their homes by dedicated law enforcement/fire rescue officers who had to brave storm winds & a waste treatment spill into the surge.

The landscape was unrecognizable. 250 Year-old Oak Trees (with 8-10" diameter trunks) were felled and debris piles were as high as 12FT in some areas. Trees & Greenery were stripped bare of foliage. Animals, Big & Small, killed. Almost no existence of wildlife for monthes afterwards. Ever building had some kind of damage to its structure.

And just when things started to be repaired... Along Came Jeanne to make the situation worse. Many residents & business here have never recovered.

Other "Fun" Things About Or After A Storm... Long Lines for EVERYTHING, FEMA & Insurance Agents, "Armed" National Guardsmen to keep the Peace, Dawn-Til-Dust Curfews, Short Tempers & Construction Contractors who'll get to you "eventually".

Thank Goodness for the dedicated individuals who gave of themselves to help this area afterwards...Out-Of-State (Power) Linesmen, Army Corp of Engineers, Civic & Religious Volunteers from all over the country. It's because of these people we still have a community.

From A Been Thru-It Perspective, I NEVER want to see a hurricane take a direct hit on my hometown ever again (though the chances are, we probably will). And I'd Never want Anyone/Anywhere to have to go through what our area has had to endure. I Hope Every Storm Goes Harmlessly Out-To-Sea or Dissipates Before Makes Landfall & Pray For Everyone In Its Path.

The views of the author are his/her own and do not necessarily represent the position of The Weather Company or its parent, IBM.

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