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Updated SeaTurtle Nests & Hurricanes

By: FLCrackerGirl, 6:11 PM GMT on July 14, 2006

Sorry for the Lack of Post This Week.
Busy, Busy at Work & Lots of Doc Appointments.

Do SeaTurtle Nests' Location Predict UpComing Hurricanes??

Do Nests Laid High In Sand Dunes = Near in the Future Storm or
Do Nests Laid Low, Near Surf Drift = NO Storms in the Area????

The SeaTurtle Life Cycle & Nest Preferences are Too Complex to Accurately Predict A Hurricane Season...
According to My Marine Biologist Friend, Doug S.

Doug S.'s Credentials:
•Employed by NASA as Aquatic's Project Leader, monitoring 30,000 acres of Wetlands & Estuaries Ecosystems around KSC (Kennedy Space Center)
•Enviromental Impact Specialist (SeaGrass, Diverse Ecosystems, Sharks, Crabs, Turtles, Gators, Manatees, Birds)
•Published Author & Recognized Expert

Doug S.'s Expert Opinion:
SeaTurtle Nest Positions Have Less to Do with Upcoming Hurricanes
& More to Do with Coping with Past Seasons Activity.

Storm Erosion changes the Beach Landscape. Heavy Rains, Fresh Water Run Off &/or Storm Surge change Water PH & Salinity (Salt Content).

SeaTurtles Interpret Dune Profiles & Water Salinity from "Hatchling Memory" to find nesting ground on which they were born.

Unable to find her birth place which has changed drastically, A Female Seaturtle will contine her search to the point of exhaustion.
Eventually she will "settle" on a closely matching beach. Too Tired to continue up to higher dunes, she'll nest "low" near tidal surf drift (high tide line).

Other Factors will also contribute to nesting positioning:
•"Perceived Predators" distrubing dunes (Storm Debris, Clean-up Crews & such)
•Sand & Surf Temperatures (which help determine seaturtle's gender)
• Other Laying females or increased number of nests in an area
(Crowded Maternity Ward LOL)

Low Nest Positions May NOT Predict Too Much
in the Way of Storms Coming This Season but...

The Good News (Enviromentaling) IS that Nests Counts are UP. (Last 2 Years in Particular)

Healthy Females, Surviving the Recently Stormy Seas, are still able to find OUR beaches to nest.

Public Awareness, Conservation & Post-Storm "Rescue" Efforts of Nests have also been Highly Effective & Reduced Hatchling Mortality.

Despite Active Storm Seasons Ravaging Nesting Grounds, The Long Term Prognosis for an increase in SeaTurtle Population is Very Good.☺☺

NEVER EVER, Disturb a SeaTurtle or A Seaturtle Nest!

Don't Play, Pick-Up or Bother a Seaturtle or SeaTurtle Eggs. It's The Law!!

NO Flash or Lighted Photography at Night in Nesting Areas.

Report to Local Law Enforcement:
•Anyone Hassling or Removing SeaTurtles or SeaTurtle Eggs
•If You Find an Unearthed Nest, Broken Eggs or Dead or Injured SeaTurtle


SeaTurtle Nest Virtual Tour
America's Most Important Sea Turtle Nesting Beaches
Archie Carr WildLife Refuge
Established in 1991, The twenty mile section of coastline from Melbourne Beach to Wabasso Beach in Florida is the most important nesting area for loggerhead sea turtles in the western hemisphere and the second most important nesting beach in the world. Twenty-five percent of all loggerhead sea turtle and 35% of all green sea turtle nests in the United States occur in this twenty mile zone. Nesting densities of 1,000 nests per mile have been recorded. Approximately half of this area is available for acquisition and four parcels totaling 9.3 miles make up the core area. The Refuge is named for University of Florida Zoologist Archie Carr, who pioneered scientific research on sea turtles.

SeaTurtle Nest Counts at Archie Carr WildLife Refuge

SeaTurtle Tracking Tag & Release Program

CHARLIE, The Green SeaTurtle, started to Documented is Travels Just Before Hurricane Wilma 10/06.

Hurricane Jeanne 2004 Aftermath Photos
from Brevard & Treasure Coast WildLife Refuges

Donations: Contact Caribbean Conservation Corp.'s Adopt-A-Turtle Program
that supports research and rescue of sea turtles. For more information, go to www.cccturtle.org. The

Caribbean Conservation Corp. was founded by Archie Carr.
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Hurricane Landfall Repeats

By: FLCrackerGirl, 9:45 PM GMT on July 09, 2006

History Repeats Itself...
Back To Back Hurricanes Along FL's Treasure Coast

Using the NOAA Interactive Hurricane Tracks Tool, Below are Back To Back Hurricanes that Passed Along the Treasure Coast (Martin, St Lucie & Indian River Counties) as Frances & Jeanne did in 2004.

Frances 9/4 Cat 2 105mph
Jeanne 9/25 Cat 3 120mph

21 Days/ 3 Weeks Apart

Cleo 8/27 Cat 2 105mph
Isbell 10/15 Cat 2 125mph

50 Days/ 6 Weeks Apart

No Name July Storm 7/30 Cat 1 90mph
No Name September Storm 9/4 Cat 2 125mph

36 Days/ 5 Weeks Apart

No Name August Storm 8/7 Cat 2 100mph
"Lake Okeechobee" Storm 9/17 Cat 4 150mph

40 Days/ 5 Weeks Apart
Parallel Landfalls of Frances & Jeanne 2004

No Name Storm 8/16 Cat 2 100mph
No Name Storm 8/25 Cat 1 90mph

9 Days Apart!!

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