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Dementor Influenced Wx

By: FLCrackerGirl, 2:48 AM GMT on July 19, 2007

Here's a Link To JK Rowlings' July 30th Web Chat Transcript
in Case Anyone From The WU/HarryPotter7 Book Club Missed It.

Question: Do the Muggles Notice that there Arent Any Weird Things Going on now that Voldemort's Gone??

J.K. Rowling: Yes, the World Seems To Be A Much Sunnier Place...
Literally – with the Dementors Gone, The Weather Gets Better!
We are Having a Heavily Dementor-Influenced Summer Here in the UK.

Hmmmm. Maybe Here In Florida Too? LOL

D I W (Dementor Influenced Weather)...Huh! Who Knew??

are Foul, Loathsome Creatures
that Drain Peace, Hope, and Happiness Out of the Air Around them.

(Not To Be Confused With Blog Trolls Who Can Be Easily Vanquished With The Expecto IGNOREous Charm ;o)

TONS of Post-Deathy Hallows Answers
(More Than The 7 Page Epilogue!)
Can Be Found At The Above Link, Courtesy of Mugglenet.com


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WU Photo Scavenger Hunt

By: FLCrackerGirl, 8:51 PM GMT on July 15, 2007

GATORXGRRRL Wins WU Photo Scavenger Hunt: ICE CREAM


July is National ICE CREAM Month...
& Today is National Ice Cream Day (3rd Sunday in July)!!

"Do You Remember The Ice Cream Man??"
photo by NewYorkCountry

WU Photos Scavenger Hunt: ICE CREAM

4. FROZEN TREAT (Snocone, Popsicle, Milkshake...)
5. SPRINKLES/Jimmies (ie, Confetti, Droplets...)
6. YOUR FAVORITE FLAVOR (Strawberry, Peach, Rocky Road, Tutti Fruiti...)

Don't Know How To Play The Scavenegr Hunt???

Search The WU Photos For An Example of Each Item on The Above List.
Be Creative! Your Example Doesn't Have To Be Literal or Exact.

Post Your Example Picture or Link in My Blog Here or CharlestonLady's Blog.

The First Player "To Find" All The Items, Becomes The Keeper of The List.
The Keeper of The List Gets To Pick Six New Items For Other Players To Search For in The Next Round.
And So The Game Continues...

Don't Want To Play The Whole List??

NO Problem!! Pick One (or More) & Post!!

The WU Photo Scavenger Hunt is a Great Way To See Some Of The Awesome Photos Posted
on Wunderground That You Might Not Otherwise Stumble Upon.

Have Some Fun & Remember There's No Calories in Virtual Ice Cream. :o)

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