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Big Bertha '96

By: FLCrackerGirl, 12:10 AM GMT on July 08, 2008

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(...She's So Hideous!!! LOL)

Just for Laughs, This is a T-Shirt Design I Did Back 1996,
The Last Time Bertha was Threatening...

Yeah, I Know Bertha Didn't Hit Florida Back Then, But She Got TOO Close.

When I screen printed t-shirts, our company used to get art & print supplies ready, in case the big one hit.
After Andrew, t-shirt printers & sporting good stores knew the only way to survive financially in the aftermath of a big storm, might be to pump out shirts with designs like this one for sale to the locals, law enforcement & clean-up crews. Only minimal electricity (if any) is needed to actually print t-shirts if you plan to be without power for a while.

Bertha '96 was too close for comfort for us on the Treasure Coast. At one point Vero Beach & Sebastian were the possible projected landfall points. But She Recurved, literally at the last minute towards the Carolinas instead.

I honestly remember putting this t-shirt design up into the production stations at 5pm. I thought if she doesn't turn tonight, this is the next job we'll be printing...in the dark, after she blows thru.

By the 8pm advisory, she started to recurve, just like the models were prediciting, away from Florida (but the poor Carolinas). Thank God! for WeatherUnderground.com's Tropical Pages (because the weather channel & local stations gave you squwat to go on.)

Our company, T-Shirt Factory, created many t-shirt designs for impending storms over the 20 years we screen printed. (espcially in the really busy years; '95 '96 & '99). Luckily, we only ever had to use the design for "I Survived Hurricane Erin 1995" landfell in Vero Beach (barely a baby cane). It sort of became our superstition that if we made a design, the storm won't hit. LOL. We always figured it was better to be prepared than not.

What about 2004-2005? I have to admit we didn't create designs those years, Beforehand. We had transitioned into embroidery only on garments & the superstitious pre-need didn't seem so important. Besides, Electronic Embroidery Machines Can't Run Without A/C & Power.
So After Those Storms when we did get power back to the shop?? Yes, indeed did we stitch shirts. 1000's of Frances-Jeanne-Wilma items for Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, City/County & even FEMA Staff need sportshirt & caps to wear.

What Did I Learn???
Make A Design to Scare Off The 'Canes Anyways &
No Power+No Water+(Heat/Rain/Humidity)=Staffers Who Need Lots of Clean Shirts=$$

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