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What A Pretty Rainbow!

By: FLCrackerGirl, 5:25 AM GMT on October 26, 2012

"What a Pretty Rainbow!"
That was one of the last things my father told me before he passed away a couple of weeks ago.

I first saw The Rainbow on my way to meet my Dad at one his many doctor's appointments. He had Complex Hypertenision issues and I was his Medical Buddy on such office visits.

The Rainbow was a steep & tall half-arc nestled next to a single, very dark storm cloud. A little line of rain could also be seen behind The Rainbow. Brilliant blue sky was all around elsewhere, with just a few low puffy, white clouds to our distant south. The scene almost looked like the Wunderground.com logo.

What made The Rainbow particularly interesting was how truly brite & sharp it appeared. It seemed to flow out of the storm cloud like a glittering waterfall, that fell to the ground. A Geomagnetic storm was in progress and probably helped accentuate the colors in the morning sky. Northern Altitudes get to see Aurora Borealis, but Southerners get Pretty Rainbows instead.

After my dad's appointment some 25 minutes later, we walked out together to his pick-up truck in a slow, drizzling rain.
"What a Pretty Rainbow", he mused about the long-lived prism.
"Solar Flares," I said "making everything bright & shiny today."

"Are we gonna get much rain", he asked.
"No, not much ... Just a front passing through." I replied.
"Yup, that's good. I got work to do. Gotta go yell at some people" he laughed, meaning he had to get his crew started.

"Thanks for doing this with me today. I love you kid," he said.
"I love you too Daddy." Through the pick-up truck window, I kissed him on the top of his bald head.
And with a wave of his big hand, he was off.

My Dad finished out that day and the start of next, happy & little more energetic than usual. Maybe even a little euphoric. The family business was starting it's first full week of the citrus packing season. My Dad was in his full glory as "El Jefe" (The Boss) as the crew called him.

Upon coming home for lunch with my brother & to see my Mom, my Dad fell while washing up in the bathroom. A head laceration in combination with strong blood thinners lead to a unstoppable brain hemorrage. My Dad passed away in just four short minutes.

My neice had posted this picture of the same rainbow on Twitter as she had seen it across her college campus. Her cellphone didin't quite capture the brilliance of the day but her caption "What a Pretty Rainbow!" echoed my Dad's sentiments.
A Rainbow Connection and a Beautiful Moment, in Memory My Dad :o) smiles

Thanks to all in advance who visit & leave well wishes, prayers & condolences.
My apologies if I'm not back soon or often to say a personal "Thank You".

Peace & Wellness

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