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Bertha, Cristobal, Dolly , Edouard and Fay

By: HurrikanEB, 10:47 PM GMT on June 30, 2008

We have now wrapped up June and are heading to month of hurricane season is done. So far we've only had one storm this season...Arthur. Next up on this years list are Bertha, Cristobal, Dolly, Edouard, and Fay; I suspect that we'll see at least 2 storms this July(I have no reason to support this "feeling"). Even though it has absolutely NO indication on what a storm may be like, something that i like to do is take a look at what each name was like in previous years, are the next 5 storms for this year.

Bertha has been used for 5 storms...3 tropical storms and 2 hurricanes.
Tropical storm Bertha of 1957 was a short lived Gulf of Mexico storm. The storm became tropical on August 8 and made landfall on the 10th near Cameron, Louisiana. Peak winds were 70 mph. 2 deaths resulted from the storm, however, there was little damage. Bertha brought needed rain to the area.
Bertha of 1984 was a weak short lived fish spinner(didn’t affect land). The storm formed on August 31 several hundred miles east of the Leeward islands. The storm took a northwestward track before re-curving to the northeast and dissipating on September 4. Peak winds were 45 mph.
Bertha of 1990 reached category 1 status with 80 mph. 1990's Bertha formed from a subtropical storm on July 24 off of the south east coast. The storm moved off to the northeast where she eventually scraped Nova Scotia before dissipating on August 2. This Bertha was responsible for 9 deaths.
This was the strongest Bertha, a 115 mph major hurricane. Forming on July 5, 1996 east of the leeward islands, this storm took a west-northwest path passing over the northern most islands as a minimal hurricane. Bertha then turned to the north before striking the North Carolina coast. The storm moved up the entire east coast to Newfoundland before totally Dissipating on the 18. 12 deaths and $371 million (2008 USD) were caused by this storm.
Bertha was a very weak storm that took an unusual path across the northern Gulf. the storm formed on August 4 Just off the eastern Louisiana coast. after making landfall in Louisiana the storm turned southward before striking Texas. According to Wikipedia only 3 storms have made landfall in both states.
The latest Bertha has set numerous records, as well as beating her 1996 self interms of strength. A long lived cape verde storm, bertha was one of only a handful of storms to pass within 50 miles of bermuda. The storm thus far has been responsible for 3 deaths in new jersey due to rip currents

The Berthas of 1996 and 2002. The track for Bertha'08, which is currently spinning around, is shown in the 3rd image Link The name Bertha is old Gerrman for "bright"

The name Cristobal has only been used once before in the Atlantic and that was in 2002. That year she was a weak tropical storm which formed and dissipated off of the southeast coast. Cristobal was a short lived system (August 5- 8) and had little impact on any areas, however, his remnants brought high surf to the mid-Atlantic states and Bermuda which resulted in 3 deaths.

A very disorganized Cristobal

Dolly has been used for 6 storms- 4 hurricanes and two tropical storms. In 1953 Tropical storm Dolly formed just north of Puerto Rico on September 8th. The storm tracked to the northwest while intensifying to a peak of 130 mph. The storm curved out to sea and passed Bermuda on the 12th as a tropical storm.
Hurricane Dolly of 1954 took a very similar path that she had taken the year before. She formed just north of Puerto Rico on August 31, tracked northward, reached a peak of 95 mph, and became extra tropical on the 2nd south of Nova Scotia.
In 1968 Dolly again managed to obtain hurricane status. The storm developed over the Bahamas and paralleled the east coast to the Carolinas while briefly making a landfall in Florida. After paralleling the coast the storm moved off to the east.
1978’s Dolly was a weak storm that never affected land. Dolly’78 lasted from September 2ed through the 5th in the western Atlantic.
Dolly of 1996 was the last Dolly- hurricane. A Caribbean storm, she formed on August 19 and made a landfall on Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula before re-emerging in the Gulf of Mexico. The storm made a second landfall south of the US border with 80 mph winds. The storm dissipated on the 26th in the Eastern Pacific after having crossed a very wide and mountainous portion of Mexico. The last Dolly was in 2002 which formed from a tropical wave off of the coast of Africa. The storm stayed a relatively weak 60 mph storm and never reached land.

Dolly of 1974, 1996 and 2002.

Edward of 1984, having formed on September 14 and dissipating the next day, was a short lived Bay of Campeche storm. The storm, however, managed to obtain 65 mph winds in this time frame…GO Edouard!
1990 Edouard was also a short lived storm (August 8- 11). Having peak winds of 45 mph, Edouard formed near the Azores with no damage.
1996 Edouard was a the strongest storm of the season- 145 mph winds. The storm which lasted from August 19th through September 3rd was remarkable in that for 8 days he was able to maintain major hurricane status as he tracked around the boundaries of the Atlantic with out making landfall. $4.25 million in damage occurred mainly along the New England coast where Edouard made his closest approach to land.
2002 Edouard was a 65 mph storm that formed in the northern Gulf of Mexico on September 1. The storm took an easterly track, crossed Florida and dissipated off the northern Florida coast on the 6th . Maximum winds were 65 mph.

The Edouards. Edouard is the french form of Edward- a Rich/blessed guard

The name "Fay" was only used during the 2002 hurricane season. The storm formed off the Texas coast on September 6th before strengthening to a peak of 60 mph. The storm made land fall the next day droping up to 20 inches of rain and causing $4,5 million in damage.

The name "Fay" is french and is also an alternative word for "fairy"

Just some random cities

By: HurrikanEB, 1:20 AM GMT on June 18, 2008

Hey everyone,
I just felt like checking up on some somewhat random cities, so i did, and here they are.

Freiburg, Germany

This German city is in the contest to be one of the "greenest" cities in the world.Link(its about time America joint the contest.)

Their weather...
Their Wikipedia page...Link

Ushuaia, Argentina
One of the worlds southern most cities(54*48'S, 68*18'W)

Check out the weather in Ushuala Link
Their wikipedia page...Link

Alert, Nunavut
The worlds most northern settlement(82*28'N, 62*30')

Check ou their bitterly cold weather (which hasn't been updated since 2006) Link
Their Wikipedia page...Link

Wenzhuan, China
The worlds highest city.16,730 feet above sea level.
Guess what i couldn't find any pictures or maps or weather from there. Because i cant find any maps i cant find any nearby cities either. Oh well.

Jericho, Jordan
One of the, if not the, oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. It dates back to 9000BC.

Jericho weather Link
Wiki page...

New York City, USA

NYC weatherLink
Wiki page...Link

THE HEAT IS ON!!! Winter lives!!

By: HurrikanEB, 10:04 PM GMT on June 10, 2008

Will someone please get the fire monsters off the east coast?!!

Luckily relief is on its way...
Today's Forecast highs(June 10, 2008)

Forecast Highs For June 11, 2008

A cold front, which is currently just west of the Appilachians, is slowly slipping its way eastward and should clear most of this nasty heat out overnight

Tomorrow things should turn out to be more comfortable and instead of 90's and close to 100 reaching from the Gulf of Mexico to New Hampshire we should only see 80's to the north of D.C.

The Relief may come at a price in some areas. In Extreme Northern New York and Vermont we have a tornadoe watch up. The severe weather won't be confined just to New York and Vermont though, a severe thunderstorm watch and several warnings are in effect from Virginia to Maine. The threat of severe weather and even isolated tornadoes continues into south eastern Canada.

The extreme heat is also on in the southwest where temperatures are projected to top out above 110 today. Tomorrow should offer A LITTLE relief there as well. Well, that is in the sense that 100 is better than 110.

Ok Enough about all this heat!!
Winter is still alive!!
Maybe not in your neighborhood, but in the mountians of Idaho and Montana it is.
Heavy snow watches are in effect there until wednesday evening were some of the luckier(or unlucky if you prefer) places could see up to a foot of new snow!!

Weather picture of the Blog
I was looking through some weather pictures and i found this picture to be very amazing. I'm not 100% sure but i think it was taken in Switzerland. From what it looks like i'd say that one night they got below freezing, had some strong winds and big waves and Whela!

...either that or Iceman came through, either way someone had trouble starting their car.

A love that never was...

By: HurrikanEB, 2:11 AM GMT on June 03, 2008

Some of you wether watchers may believe that the formation of Tropical systems is simply a Scientifically-explainable-natural-phenomenon-that-can-be-easilly-explained-using-scientific-data-an d-more-government-funding, but there's more to these storms than that. Each storm has a plan, a story, a destiny. Some may be killers, or Fishspinners, or simply nonworthys, but this is the abriged tail of two storms whose tropical fires burned in agony.
There were two seperate basins of equal dignity, though their past was long separated by the mountianous terrain of Central america. From these two basins comes the story of two storms, separated by mountians, yet their undying convection burned true.
Almost a week ago an area of disturbed weather developed around central america. the area of disturbed weather had a hard life, its basins were split by Costa Rico and Panamal. The disturbed weather hung on to the hope that one day it would reign amoung the great hurricanes of the past, but its fate was written in the modles. Finally, it could contain its self no longer and forth burst the beautiful Alma. Alma spent the early part of her life as a weak storm, then she finally realized that if she was to ever find her true love she would have to defy the stars and make a run on Nicuragua as a hurricane. She opend her eye and flung herself onto the coast, but her efforts were invain, she hadn't reached hurricane status. Alma struggled as she pushed northward, desperate to reach her Atlantic love. She tried, she reached with all her feeder bands, but the mountianous terrain of Hondoras was too much for her; and atop the mountian peak her circulation was no more. When Alma's moisture finally reached the Gulf of Hondoras the news was too much for her love to bare. Out burst Arthur, her love, out of his six year bannishment. Back he came. He was so distraught that he didn't heed the law and flung him self onto Belieze before offically being named. He yearned for his love. He defied the stars and drove his way south. He refused to believe that his love had died over Hondoras. Desperately he fought his way to the Pacific, refusing to stop and accept that his love was dead. Finally his outrage became too unbareable and he flung himself against the mountians of Mexico. Atop the high Mexican mountian peak his circulation rested. Just befor he dissipated Arthur looked out across central america to the eastern horizon and atop the mountian peaks in Hondoras he saw his lady Alma, and they both knew that their remnents would live on together as one.

Tune in later for one of the following:
the continuation...Baby Burtha in "Born from her father."
the sequal........."The ultimate love of Boris and Burtha"
the loner.........."Boris The single"

5% chance of "the continuation" in the Gulf of mexico this week

<5% chance of "the sequal" this week
20% chance of "the loner" this week

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