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Hello, all. How about a little tropical talk?

By: MississippiWx, 7:12 AM GMT on May 20, 2007

It has been since last hurricane season that I posted anything, but I am a frequent reader. I am able to get a lot of information from you guys, so thanks! I like to look at the models some of you post. While the models are not accurate a lot of the time, they still provide ideas for us to ponder!

Speaking of those models, they keep hinting at some sort of tropical activity in the SW Caribbean early-mid next week. It would be a blessing if a tropical system developed and moved into the fire-ravaged areas of Southern Georgia and Northern Florida. Almost the entire Southeast is in Moderate to Extreme drought, so we could all used it. However, the people in Georgia and Florida need it the most to help put out the fires. Unfortunately, if a tropical system does not form, the Southeast will remain dry for at least another week or two.

From looking at visible satellite imagery during the day, one can tell that shear is fairly high throughout the Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico. Until that shear drops, no tropical systems will be able to organize. However, the shear cannot keep the tropical moisture from moving in, which would work just as well as a tropical storm! Tis all speculation, but there is no doubt that the Southeast is desperate for rain, even if it takes a tropical system to bring the rain.

Feel free to stop by and discuss issues with me anytime! I'm always up for the Global Warming debate. I have been on the neutral-against side of global warming, but I believe I've transitioned into an all-out neutral state. I haven't seen anything to convince me that global warming is happening, nor have I seen anything to convince me that everything that happens in the environment is cyclical (although I have sided with the cycle argument, for the most part).

Anyway, thanks for stopping by, and like I said, feel free to drop a comment or two on me! I look forward to discussing the tropics and other weather-related issues with you!

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