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Apology to the Community

By: MississippiWx, 3:47 PM GMT on September 12, 2013

Now that everything has settled down, I wanted to take the time to apologize to the WU community for the blog I posted yesterday. Most of you who have come here for a long time know that I never purposely post incorrect information and that I normally post what I believe to be true. Yesterday was a bad error in judgement. Just because the information I received was coming from reliable bloggers doesn't mean I had the right to post those things.

I said several times in my post that I didn't believe it to be true, but I wanted to clear the air because the rumor was going around between several bloggers. I was the only one to step up and say something. Of course, this was still not the right thing to do. Again, to the community, I apologize and I hope those of you who don't follow my posts and comments often don't lose any respect for me and think I just stir up trouble. This is definitely not the case. I have been here over 8 years, one year on a different handle, and never have I been one to cause a lot of trouble on purpose. The only reason I would do something like that is if I really believed something needed to be done.

Thank you to those of you who have e-mailed me or posted in my blog and thanked me for bringing this to the attention of everyone.

Thanks for stopping by to read, and I hope you guys can forgive me. I love the community here (for the most part) and the last thing I want to see is it torn apart.


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