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FOX News Phobia

By: NttyGrtty, 5:33 PM GMT on September 13, 2013

I find it very interesting that the "alarmists" on the main blog are aligned with the liberal feelings toward FOX News. Ever since Walter Cronkite left CBS news, ALL news outlets are biased in some way and ALL have an agenda. Conservatives that watch cable news tend to like FOX News but they never really poo-poo the other cable news outlets. Liberals tend towards CNN, MSNBC and other venues and they are absolutely caustic towards FOX News. One liberal even went so far to publish a "scientific" study that shows FOX News actually makes you a little dumber each time you watch it.

Yesterday's outright attack on FOX News and those that watch it was exactly aligned with the liberal view. The supposed "scientific" mind set crowd refuses to accept that FOX is no more or no less biased that any other cable news outlet. Their own bias against FOX seems to betray their objectivity and makes them no better than the "denialist" crowd they so dislike...



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