Lost in Space

By: Patrap , 4:28 PM GMT on April 12, 2010

Well,Im glad Buzz Aldrin finally got booted from Dancing with the Stars.Now he can come and help solve the Direction of the U.S.Space Program instead of crooning around LA with Kate Gosselin.

To be sure Im a lil dismayed with the fact that were retiring the US Space Shuttle fleet with no replacement Launch Vehicle to Low earth Orbit available.

Irony wins as when the Shuttle first flight in April 81 took place,..we had no Space Station for it to go too.
Skylab was de-orbited years before 81.

STS-1 Launch,April 1981

And now that the ISS is nearly 100% complete,after the Last Shuttle Flight late this year,..we will have a Space Station with no means to get to it.

Irony wins again.

Save for the Russians Soyuz which will become the only means for Humans back and forth to ISS.

So were at a crossroads in time literally as to what direction the US Manned Space Flight will take into the near and far future.
Hopefully it will be up...to Low earth Orbit and beyond

There is a lot of talk about commercial carriers doing the deed.
Last I checked no one has built a Launch Capable orbiting Spacecraft,nor do I expect one anytime soon.

The ARES/Constellation Project that was canceled by the Obama Admin was to be that Vehicle,..and now,well here at Lockheed Martin in New Orleans the Final ET has been shipped to KSC,and well,what were gonna do with all the ET tooling dies and welding jigs, I dont Know.

Maybe it could make a New American Idol Stage or something.

But to live in a World where Neil Armstrong's Grandchildren havent seen a Man walk on the Moon during their Lifetime,,is not what we expected in the summer of 69,..

And one day in the not to distant future,we will Live on a World again,when No human alive,has walk on the Moon.

Thats a sad thought.

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