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Products for weaning off oil

By: Skyepony, 3:30 PM GMT on July 09, 2006

What I'm looking for here is actual products you can buy that get us off the oil. I'll add links to these world savers up here as they come in.

Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Light My Shed~ I looked into running power out to my barn. The cost for the extra electrical box & wiring work was gonna be $500, with me digging the ditch. Purchased one of these, they throw alot of light, easy to install ~20 mins (no professional, ditch digging or permits involed). Saved $400 & have free light.

Getting the house to quit feeding off an oil grid...
Solar Water Heaters
Solar Solutions They also sell water pumps.
Northern Arizona Wind & Sun Also sell water pumps & cell phone chargers. The windmills were pretty cheap, but they warn to check with locals about feeding back onto the grid.
Solar panels, windmills & smaller solar generators

Solar Generators~ For when the lights go out & you don't feel like dealing with a gas generator.
Build your own~ super easy~ less than $300, AC & or DC, higher output too.
Brief case style for DC power, stronger than battery packs ~$138
Power Packs with solar panel chargers
Coleman Portable Power Kit

Rebates & Insentives
The Database of State Incentives for Renewable Energy (DSIRE)
FPL Alternative Energy Page A must for Floridians

What Not~
Solar Watches
Solar Calculators
UCSY~ These people make really well priced solar cell phone, laptop & camera chargers. As well as a product that makes drinking water from air.
Batteryless Flashlight ~shake to recharge, LED light, less than $13.00
All sorts of solar gadjets From lanterns, battery chargers, air conditioned hats, lights, kids toys, panels & etc.
Make a solar cooker from cardboard boxes & aluminum foil

Green Energy

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