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Lake O / Compost happens

By: Skyepony, 6:23 AM GMT on March 07, 2008

Lake Okeechobee has come up near 2 feet since it's record low in July of '07. On Wednesday it was 10.07 feet above sea level, four feet below normal for this time of year. Feb 12, 2008 it dipped below 10', a new record low for this time of year. But what's the new normal? The dike had been deamed in need of repair, keeping it full has been shown to cause wear (the new cap is 17.25', with descisions to lower it farther til repairs are done), then last month they found a thousand-foot-long stretch of erosion near a set of state-owned floodgates north of the lake. They are also trying to scoop millions of tons of phosphorus, nitrogen and other pollutants coming from area farms & lawns out. Origanially the plan was to sell the muck as a fertalizer but it has way too much arsenic in it. So they are buring it in the exposed lake bottom or piling it on dike tops atleast 17' high. Some is being stored outside the dikes, in hope of takers.

You would think this country served grass up at dinner. Many don't think twice about fertilizing their yard with a little weed & feed. Even though it is polluting the everglades & creating a dead zone in the gulf of mexico. The lawn companies have worked long & hard to hide how dangerous their products are & how easily they end up inside the home. All the more reason to compost...

Compost is composed of Hot (green cuttings, kitchen scraps, fresh manure) & cold (dried leaves, dried grass, paper). With a little moisture compost happens, stiring or tumbling will make it happen faster.

Not only is compost my black gold, free dirt & ecofrindly ferilizer solution, it's my green thumb, my key to biointensive growing in containers. Where many are limited to ammending their soil with compost with what they can make. The ponys, their hay, shavings & the trees give me an endless supply. I grow just about everything in straight compost. Most barns give this stuff away for free.

Though composting can happen for free & with no effort than to put the ingredients together, inventivness has come along way to fit turning your stinkier trash into good earth, even at your condo.

These & way more can be found at green culture. The 4th one over is an automatic indoor composter. They also show some nice worm farms. I've found to just leave compost in a large pot maybe 1/2 full ~6 to 8 weeks with some worms from the compost pile turns to generally the best seed starting medium.

During the week I will post pics & how tos on different composting methods.

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