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Trashy Tomatos

By: Skyepony, 1:33 PM GMT on March 22, 2009


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A site to check out some of these storms.

Weather News
Seven still missing, 15 dead in southwest China landslide
Rescuers were still looking for seven missing people two days after a landslide in southwest China's Yunnan Province as death toll rose to 15 on Tuesday, a local government official said

Major Disaster Declaration w/Photo
April 28 -- 20 Alabama counties are approved for federal storm aid after severe weather ripped through the state in March and April.

4 Ike victims identified by DNA
The Galveston County Medical Examiner's Office has identified another 4 victims of hurricane Ike by using DNA

Heat wave: Orissa sounds alert
Bhubaneswar: Alarmed by the rising sunstroke deaths which rose to 43 on Sunday, the Orissa government has sounded an alert across the State asking the district authorities to take steps to prevent casualties due to the searing heat.

Galveston Still Struggles after Hurricane Ike w/Photo
In mid-September last year, Hurricane Ike caused massive wind and water damage to the island-city of Galveston, Texas.

Eruptions of Alaska's Redoubt volcano spark lightning studies
.. areas of the country for research studies and are becoming increasingly used by meteorologists to help issue severe weather warnings. The portable stations have been deployed at active volcanoes only twice before. Four Lightning Mapping Array

SC wildfire damages put at $8.3 million so far
... was about 50 percent contained early Friday but noted the picture could darken with the slightest change in the weather. "Where we think we have things secured, that could all go out the window," she said. South Carolina's worst fire in more than ...

Experts Probe Urban Growth, Climate Change Links in Africa w/Photo
. intensity of severe storms, will continue to increase in coming decades. Gasingayire says recent shifts in familiar weather patterns, caused by climate change, have made traditional agriculture across Africa less profitable, and driven Africans from ...

'Climate change' forces Eskimos to abandon village w/Photo
Story Highlights
♦Floods blamed on climate change forcing Alaskan village to move 9 miles away
♦Twenty-six other Alaskan villages are in immediate danger, officials say
♦Move comes as indigenous people hold Anchorage summit on the crisis
♦UN: Climate change will force displacement of 150 million people by 2050

Mandatory water rationing due for San Diego County
Strict water rationing rules loom for San Diego County because of lingering drought conditions.

Small fire contained, but larger blaze jumps fire lines near Bithlo
Firefighters contained the smaller of two brush fires near Bithlo on Monday, but the larger one repeatedly jumped fire lines, a Florida Division of Forestry official said


There is a FOOD SAFETY BILL that could end organics, farmers markets, small farms, eat local & possibly the kitchen garden in committee. Please take a moment, this quickly sets you up to mail your rep either your words or prewritten.. These our a freedoms to eat what we want.


Here is a simple way for anyone to turn trash into organic tomatos. This is extreme recycling. Saving landfill space & oil in the form of gas & fertilizer. It also saves money. One $3 tomato plant baby can yield as high as $1000 worth of tomatos these days (ref~ Primetime).

1st you need a bucket atleast 12 inches across the top with holes in the bottom of it. The ones I'm using I picked out of someone else's trash last week. Or simply dig a hole in the ground.

Next throw your household compostable garbage in it. This includes. Coffee grounds & filters, egg shells, drier lint, hair, any part of plant matter~ veggy & fruit (including weeds & leaves from your yard)~ paper bags, some newspaper (not shiney & torn up). Fill with garbage til you have a hole a little bigger than what you need for planting a little tomato plant. You'll need to line the hole with a little dirt. Just enough that the young roots aren't directly touching the garbage. Also put a layer of dirt on top, enough your not looking at or smelling trash.

Buy a little tomato plant Or bum one from a green thumbed friend & plant it in the hole. If it's not near a trelles, now's the time to put in a cage or stakes. Don't forget to keep moist. Fertilize how ever you want.

Take a picture once your plant is heavy with tomatos & post to Weather Underground. Note how it was fertlized, if it has a name, etc.. To make it fair for the northeners, results will have to wait til theirs comes in as well. I'll have at least one impartal judge TBA for this challenge..

When to plant what in the different areas of Florida. (scroll down about 2/3rds)

From the moon calender of the Farmer's Almanac

April 2009

23-24 Poor planting days. Break ground or cultivate.

25-26 Favorable for planting beans, corn, cotton, tomatoes, peppers, and other above ground crops.

27-29 Poor days for planting. Seeds tend to rot in ground
Local Weather~
warm temps & onshore winds continue. Very slight chance of quick shower.

NHC Tropical Disscusion

Local text Products
Local Forecast Graphics.

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Local Hazards
Wind & Sea....Rip Current....Flood.......Lightning.....Severe Hail...Severe Winds....Tornados........Frost............Fire

These will update automatically with conditions.
Credit~NWS More East Central FL Graphical Hazard maps & these full size are available there.
Local NWS Hazardous Weather Outlook

Watching for rain & minimum temps..
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Surfers & Surge
cool wave watch graphic
NOAA Wave Watch III
Storm surge threat model...Always wondered if or how vulnerable your or friend's place would be to surge? Covers Volusia, Brevard, Indian River, St Lucie & Martin Counties.
Red Tide (FL & TX)

Melbourne NEXRAD Radar
NOAA Satellite Services ~ I like the RGB by day, rainbow at night with some Water Vapor thrown in once in a while.
Good place to keep up & look at invests.
Satellite views from around the world, pick your view GOES EAST WEST 10 & 13, MET-IOCD, MET-PRIME, MTSAT, FY2C or KALPANA, ..(this links to a nice shot of Europe you can choose from there).

Models/ what not~
Local Meso Model (well it covers most the state)~ lots of informative blue bars, each a different model, above it to click on too. Forecasts weather for the nexr 24 hrs.
FSU Model page
Shear loop .
Comparing different models shear, steering & percipitation loops.
Current weather extremes

NHC Aircraft Reconnaissance
Tropical Atlantic

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850mb Relitive Vorticity..................300-850mb Steering



La Nina Update

weekly CPC report is out.

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