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Weather to Decmber garden

By: Skyepony, 1:45 AM GMT on December 01, 2010


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When to plant what & how in Florida, South Carolina.

January gardening is best done for most the state during the warm spells. The cooler spells, just keep it watered & it should about tend itself. * means last month to plant.

North FL is planting more this month, nearly the full season range of veggies. Plant beets, Broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, Carrots, cauliflower, celery, kale, Kohlrabi, leek, Mustard, parsley, snow peas, potatoes, radish & turnips.

Central FL The 1st tastes of summer get planted this month & just about all the cool season veggies..plant eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, watermelon, beets, broccoli*, cabbage*, carrots, cauliflower*, celery, collards, kale*, kohlrabi, leek, lettuce, mustard, parsley, snow peas, potatoes, radish & turnips.

South FL Plant everything except cantaloupe, okra, sweet potatoes & strawberries.

From the moon calender of the Farmer's Almanac

January 2011
1st Plant Carrots, Turnips, Onions, Beets, Irish Potatoes And Other Root Crops, In The South. Lettuce, Cabbage, Collards, And Other Leafy Vegetables Will Do Well. Start Seedbeds. Good Day For Transplanting.
2nd-3rd Seeds Planted Now Will Grow Poorly And Yield Little.
4th-5th Good Days For Planting Aboveground Crops Such As Sweet Corn, Beans And Peppers, In Southern Florida, Texas And California.
6th-8th A Good Time To Kill Plant Pests Or Do Plowing. Poor For Planting.
9th-10th Fine For Planting Any Aboveground Crop, Where The Climate Permits. Extra Good For Peppers, Tomatoes, Peas, And Other Vine Crops.
11th-12th Barren Days. Do No Planting.
13th-14th Fine For Planting Beans, Peppers, Cucumbers, Melons And Other Aboveground Crops, Where Climate Is Suitable.
15th-16th Poor Days For Planting. Seeds Tend To Rot In The Ground.
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NHC Tropical Disscusion

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ECFL TDWR High Definition Radar

Local Hazards
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Credit~NWS More East Central FL Graphical Hazard maps & these full size are available there.
Local NWS Hazardous Weather Outlook

Watching for rain & minimum temps..
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Surfers & Surge
cool wave watch graphic
NOAA Wave Watch III
Red Tide (FL & TX)

Melbourne NEXRAD Radar
NOAA Satellite Services ~ I like the RGB by day, rainbow at night with some Water Vapor thrown in once in a while.
Rainman Weather 3-D Radar
Good place to keep up & look at invests.
Satellite views from around the world, pick your view GOES EAST WEST 10 & 13, MET-IOCD, MET-PRIME, MTSAT, FY2C or KALPANA, ..(this links to a nice shot of Europe you can choose from there).

Models/ what not~
Local Meso Model (well it covers most the state)~ lots of informative blue bars, each a different model, above it to click on too. Forecasts weather for the nexr 24 hrs.
FSU Model page
Comparing different models shear, steering & percipitation loops.
Current weather extremes

NHC Aircraft Reconnaissance
Tropical Atlantic

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