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A Fish Tale!

By: VirginIslandsVisitor, 3:16 AM GMT on July 15, 2014

As promised so long ago, I'm finally getting my act together on this blog of mine!!

So back in the good old days, my other half, Jimmy, and his fishing partner, Bozo (I only knew him by that nickname), were out fishing for yellowtail snapper. They'd leave the bay early in the afternoon and be back by daylight the next morning. The night was getting on, the tide had dropped, and they decided to take a break for a few hours until things picked up again.

Jimmy was sitting on the side of the boat having a smoke and happened to glance down at the water and saw these very large things floating around. He woke up the then sleeping Bozo and together they hauled up what turned out to be two very large bales of "weed" wrapped in black plastic.

Well, of course, they had to bring them in; right? They finished their night of fishing, came back in, spent the rest of the morning selling their catch, had a few cold ones and then hauled the bales up to his house (62 uneven, uphill stairs). He spread the stuff out in the sun hoping to dry everything out but to no avail. A couple of days later he bagged it all up and took it into the bushes and forgot about it.

A few weeks later Jimmy and Bozo were celebrating after a 300-pound yellowtail catch and really overdid it, drinking way too many "Bushwackers", and had to stumble somehow, while being pretty well paralyzed by those infamous drinks, up those stairs from hell.

Halfway there, he met his elderly aunt coming down the stairs, ranting and raving about something being wrong with the iguanas, that they were acting very strangely. Of course, he was so drunk that he couldn't take her seriously. He got up another ten or so stairs and finally looked up into the trees where he could see the iguanas hanging by their tails or one arm, swinging like he'd never seen them do before.

He finally got home and passed out. The next morning he woke up and his first thought was about the iguanas. It took him an hour or so before the light bulb turned on or the "A-ha Moment" hit him and he wandered back into the bushes to check out his suspicions.

There wasn't a leaf, seed or stalk from those bales left. All he found were shredded pieces of the bags.

Lesson Learned: They never found any more bales while fishing but swore that if they ever did again, the last ones to get it would be the iguanas!

Have a great day!!


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