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Place Your Vote For 2007 Nominees!

By: Weather456, 2:01 PM GMT on December 30, 2007

The year has almost ended and there have been some wild weather this year both in the tropics and subtropics. Now I'm calling on you to make a vote for the following categories.

1. The most spectacular Atlantic Hurricane

2. The least spectacular Atlantic Tropical Storm

3. Names to be retired in Spring 2008

4. Tropical storms that should not have been named (If you feel all should be name, just choose the one that you would not be surprise if it did not get name.

5. Most powerful winter storm/tropical cyclone/other natural diasters to affect you this year.

6. Coldest temperature recorded at your location (Give the average)

7. Warmest month you have encountered this year

8. Your goals for 2008

Please leave your comments at the end of blog.


5 Most Spectacular weather images taken this year

5. April Winterstorm. This RGB image taken on the 16 of April 2007 as the nor'easter was near its peak.

4. Subtropical Storm "Pab-low" (For Fun)

3. Hurricane Felix seen in this MODIS TERRA image on September 03 2007.

2. Baltic Sea Storm in November 2007.

1. Super Low in the South Pacific Ocean in November 2007.

Western Atlantic Synopsis and Special Weather Image of the Day (SWI)

By: Weather456, 3:52 PM GMT on December 23, 2007

Seasons Greeting to All!




A cold front goes from the Isthmus of Tehuantepec and 19N/99W along 20N/94W 25N/90W 30N/85W to beyond 35N/83W. Satellite imagery showed a swath of clouds and showers positioned along the surface cold front within 120 nm of the frontal rope structures. The associated 1035 mb surface high is posited near the Texas/Mexican border at 27N/99W producing strong northwest winds across Western Gulf west of the frontal boundary as indicated by QuikSCAT and surface observations. These winds will begin to impact the Tehuantepec Peninsula and Gulf of Tehuantepec with gale force winds later today and on Monday. The remainder of the Gulf east of the cold front remains fair and dry this morning.

Abundant mid-upper level dry continues to be advected within the upper right quadrant of a ridge with its axis along 80W. Thus only scattered clouds are seen at the surface between the East Coast and 65W. A small occluded cyclone continues to push its way east-southeastward across the Subtropical Atlantic. The low is centered near 27N/68W with a warm front extending from the triple point at 27N/64W to 30N/50W. A cold front curves from the triple point to 22N/68W. Deep clouds and showers is seen north of 22N between 50W and 65W...mainly along the frontal boundaries.


Fair weather continues to dominate the region under the influence of mid-upper level dry air supported by an upper ridge near 80W. Upper winds originating from thunderstorms over Panama and South America is responsible for advecting mid-upper level clouds across the Caribbean south of 15N from Lower Central America to near 65W...approaching the Windward Islands. In addition, some locations may experience brief increase in cloudiness and showers from patches of moisture transported by the trades. Otherwise...fair weather dominates.


Tropical Invest 94B, located within the Northwestern Arabian Sea in the Northern Indian Ocean. The disturbance resembles a tropical depression in the Atlantic but further analysis indicated the system has no closed surface low. The circulation appears to be strongest at 700-500 mb. This image was taken at 1200 UTC December 23 2007 by the geostationary satellite Meteosat VISSR.

Tropical Cyclone Damen Threathens the Fiji Islands

By: Weather456, 1:25 AM GMT on December 06, 2007

Brief History of Damen
On December 3 an area of disturbed weather formed into Tropical Depression 04F west-northwest of Pago Pago. Early the next day the Joint Typhoon Warning Center issued an TCFA on the developing system and then later that day designated the system Tropical Cyclone 05P. On December 5 RMSC Nadi upgraded the system to a tropical cyclone and named it Daman.

Current Storm Information
As of 2000 UTC December 5, RSMC Nadi reports Tropical Cyclone Daman near 13.9ºS 175.9ºE had 10 minute sustained winds of 55 knots (105 km/h, 65 mph) with gale winds within 40 NM from the center in the eastern semi-circle. It had a central pressure of 985 hPa and is moving west-southwest at 10 knots (20 km/h, 12 mph).

As the cyclones moves towards the islands, it is expected to strengthen to hurricane strength. Seas are expected to rise to 9 ft has the cyclone approaches the Islands, with the highest seas along the Northern Coast. At least tropical storm force winds are expected to be felt on the islands. TRMM satellite based precipitation showed 10-20 mm of rain per hour is expected to fall over the islands with isolated larger amounts.

Figure 1. GOES-11 visible image of Daman showing the relative position to the Fiji Islands.

Figure 2. Global WaveWatch3 Significant Wave Height and Direction valid 0000 UTC December 06 2007.

Figure 3. TRMM-based precipitation radar.

Figure 4. JTWC current forecast track.

Available Links to follow Damen

Current Tropical Cyclone Advisory
Station Observations - NAUSORI, Fiji (NFNA)
Castaway Island - Fiji Webcam

Irish Storm

By: Weather456, 12:15 PM GMT on December 01, 2007

A North Atlantic storm, centered on a 968 mb low is located near 58N-18W and continues to move off towards the east around 29 miles per hour. The storm continues to pound the coast of Scotland and Ireland. Gale warnings with dangerous seas are in effect for seas north of 50N east of 30W, which includes the Irish and Scottish coasts. Winds...QuikSCAT and surface observations (Figure 1 and 2) indicate winds are well over gale force running around 35-50 knots. The strongest report came in from Ship DINA located near 27N-53W which reported 40 knots around 0600 UTC this morning. Another instant of 40 knot winds was also reported by buoy 62095. Swells peaked around 47 ft, recorded by buoy 62108 around 0330 UTC earlier this morning (Figure 3).

Figure 1. QuikSCAT image of the southern portion of the storm. Pass taken at 0638 UTC December 01, 2007.

Figure 2. Eastern Atlantic surface weather analysis at 0600 UTC December 01, 2007 showing the 968 mb storm.

Figure 3. 24 hour plot of wave heights reported by buoy 62108, just off the Irish Coast.

Figure 4. NOAA-18 channel 5 infrared image of the Northeastern Atlantic and Western Europe.

Figure 5. Webcam shot of Lahinch, Ireland at 0819 AST/0719 EST on December 01 2007.

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