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Democrat Vs Democrat

By: Weather456, 9:32 PM GMT on February 23, 2008

The democratic race is becoming very bitter nearing the March 4 primaries. What is really hurting me is that instead of uniting the party (as with the republicans), Hillary and Obama are tearing each other apart with tactics only the good Lord knows why. Just last week Thurday at the debates in Texas, everthing was so peaceful, then Saturday she lashed out at Obama for spreading false information about her health care plans and then yesterday, Obama lashed back at her in anger over a photo of him Kenyan garments. Wow! This is getting really petty and is a major turn off. And its not even helping them in any way. Are they so niave to realize they are destroying thier own party while the republicans unite around McCain. Are they forgeting the fact that they are both apart of one party and the real rival is McCain? Are they so niave that they donot realize if they continue along this path neither of them will become president? It really hurts me becuz thousands of democratic supporters will be dissappionted come Nov 4. Well I have a rocking solution. Hillary Clinton should lose next week. Why? Becuz if she wins, they would virtually become tie and we will be back right where we started. If she loses, she would have no choice but to drop out thus ending this nonsense and trying to recover the unity within the party for the Nov election. Sounds cruel aint it? LOL

Previous Entry - February 25
Mrs Clinton lashed out at Obama on Saturday in reponse to some healthcare leaflets that Obama have been circulating in Ohio. She seemed very upset and serious at a rally in Ohio on Saturday, claiming that the information presented is stating un truth information about her healthcare plan. Obama denied that the information was false and that she is using this as a tactic becuz the leaflets have circulating for days, if not weeks and he cannot explain why the sudden reaction by Clinton. But further reports indicated that Hillary thought that they have been withdrawn but then saw a women handed her one at the rally. I personaly think this is an accidental tactic by clintion. The March 4 primaries are next week and so she used this fortunate news to lash back at Obama, knowing that she is in desprete need of something to slow his momentum. If she loses next Tuesday in Texas and Ohio is becuz she is being too negative. I must commend her that she is so hungry for the nomination but if she dont lose to Obama, she will to McCain or she will barely win the presidency. McCain leads Clinton in pre-election polls but trails Obama. Yet again, March 4 will answer more of the questions being added day by day.

Previous Entry - February 23
Well other than June 1, I am anxiously waiting on March 4, simply because I want to see who would be the Democratic nominee for the November Elections. So many questions will be answered that day. Like for instance, did Clinton slowed Obama or she tried to hard at the Texas debates on Thursday. 11 consecutive wins for Obama is rather impressive but if she wins Texas and Ohio, she can manage to get more delegates than Obama, which the final decision will be made on. Of course there are other primaries after March 4 but there are over 300 delegates at stake that day. Whoever wins better have the armor to go up against McCain who I personally do not favor because he represents everything the Bush Administration is and for God's sake, it would be nice to have a woman or black in the White House. I do not think that Clinton can go up against McCain, Obama stands a better chance. Not trying to discriminate women but just trying to be realistic. I hope Clinton or Obama can uplift the reputation of the US because there are alot of ppl in the international world that do not favor the US right now and one of the main reason is the Iraq War. I oppose the war but I do favor the US but not the Bush Administration. Seriously, if Bush could of enter a third term he wouldn’t stand a chance. Sometimes I tell myself, the only reason why Election 08 is so sweet and exciting is becuz Bush is leaving office.

Bush critised Obama foreign policies but how good is Bush foreign policy "You either with us or against us". LOL Furthermore, almost every editorial comic strip redicules Mr. Bush but I must commend him on his funky dance moves this week in Lybia (or some place in the Africa or the Mid-East, not sure of the location). LOL

I have been following this election closely since the first primary in Janaury and I must commend Obama for turning this race around. Clinton is now down to this "Win Texas or Ohio or drop out". Who knew that a black man would force that option upon the former first Lady. Speaking of first Lady, if Hilary win the presidency, Bill Clinton would be the first man and he would be in the white once again for another 4 years (Well who knew after that infamous act he would return) LOL Life sure is funny. If McCain goes in, dont expect troops to come home now, especially knowing McCain's past.

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Southern Ocean Rising Due to Warming

By: Weather456, 11:11 PM GMT on February 17, 2008

Southern Ocean rise due to warming, not ice melts

By Michael Byrnes

SYDNEY (Reuters) - Rises in the sea level around Antarctica in the past decade are almost entirely due a warming ocean, not ice melting, an Australian scientist leading a major international research program said.

Figure 1. A boulder sits on an ice sheet in Antarctica, that stretches about 250 km (155 miles) towards the southern ocean, in this undated photograph. Rises in the sea level around Antarctica in the past decade are almost entirely due a warming ocean, not ice melting, an Australian scientist leading a major international research program said.

The 15-year study of temperature and salinity changes in the Southern Ocean found average temperatures warmed by about three-tenths of a degree Celsius.

Satellites also measured a rise of about 2 centimeters (about an inch) in seas in the southern polar region over an area half the size of Australia, Rintoul told Reuters.

"The biggest contribution so far has been from warming of the oceans through expansion," said Steve Rintoul, Australian leader of an Australian-French-U.S. scientific program.

Melting sea ice or Antarctic ice shelves jutting into the ocean do not directly add to sea level rises.

Rintoul was speaking as French ship L'Astrolabe prepared to depart on Monday from Hobart, on Australia's southern island of Tasmania, for its fifth voyage of the current summer season for the Surveillance of the Ocean Astral (Survostral) program.

The research program has been taking temperature and salinity readings for 15 years to a depth of 700 meters along the 2,700 km, six-day route between Hobart and the Antarctic.

This has produced the longest continuous record of temperature and salinity changes in the Southern Ocean for scientists studying how the ocean contributes to global climate.

"Survostral has given us a foundation for much of what is known about the way the ocean in this inhospitable and difficult-to-access region controls the global climate," Rintoul said.

The project leader said sea level rise was not uniform in the Southern Ocean and that rises were not guaranteed to continue at the same rate in the future.

The study had also shown that the Southern Ocean's uptake of carbon dioxide changed with the seasons.

In summer, an increase in phytoplankton brought about by the greater light caused the Southern Ocean to absorb more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere than in colder months, he said.

The study showed that as waters warmed, some species of phytoplankton were extending further south, although more research was needed to determine the importance of this finding.

"What's significant is that we've detected changes in the physical environment and now we're also detecting changes in the biology in response to those physical changes.

"The next challenge is to figure out what these biological changes mean for carbon uptake and for higher levels of the food chain," he said.

Tiny phytoplankton are at the bottom of the food chain and are a crucial food source for a number of species.

Investigations by the L'Astrolabe in the world's largest ocean current between Tasmania and Antarctica had shown that deep streams of water were taking warming deep into the ocean.

"The program started as just measuring temperature and salinity. We've now recently begun a much more comprehensive chemistry and biology program of measurements," Rintoul said.

This would widen the scientific investigation to the impact of climate change on biology and on the carbon cycle, he said.

Afghanistan's coldest winter kills over 900

KABUL (Reuters) - The death toll from Afghanistan's harshest winter in recent living memory has hit 926, an official said on Saturday, adding the figure could rise further as access to remote areas improves with the thawing of snow.

More than 316,000 cattle had perished since the onset of winter in mid December, Noor Padshah Kohistani of the National Disaster Management Commission said.

"The figure for human losses stands at 926 today. It could go higher, for roads have been reopened and we will find unreported fatalities," he said.

Nearly half of the victims came from western areas and where more than 90 people have had their fingers or toes amputated because of frostbite.

A special hospital is dealing with frostbite victims in the western city of Herat.

Apart from human losses, the deaths of cattle are regarded as a huge loss for Afghanistan, an agricultural country that largely relies on foreign aid.

The United Nations World Food Program last month appealed for extra food assistance for 2.55 million Afghans until the next harvest in June.

More snow is expected in coming days in several parts of the mountainous Central Asian country which may trigger floods and avalanches.

(Reporting by Sayed Salahuddin; Editing by Sanjeev Miglani)

Figure 2. An Afghan girl stands outside her shelter at a refugee camp in Kabul February 14, 2008. The death toll from Afghanistan's harshest winter in recent living memory has hit 926, an official said on Saturday, adding the figure could rise further as access to remote areas improves with the thawing of snow.

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January Highlights

By: Weather456, 3:03 AM GMT on February 02, 2008

Happy February to all!

Lets get down to the nitty gritty. You say Global Warming, I say Global Cooling. January saw much cold winter weather, not just in the United States, but also around the Northern Hemisphere. Parts of the Middle East saw their first snow in history. I witness my first cold front in living memory, and I live in the Caribbean. A cold front was analyzed near 11N in the Tropical Atlantic. Snow flurries were detected on radar just offshore Southeast Florida, just as 08 began. Again, some say Global warming, I say Global cooling.

To add insult to injury, the Space and Science Research Center (SSRC) release a report* last month that would shake the pants of the Global Warming team. The report indicated that due to the solar cycle, we could see more winters like January 2008 and cooler summers in the next couple of years. Again, some say Global Warming, they say Global Cooling.

Now to the economy. China and India is posing to be next kings of the world's economy (some say the U.S. cannot go on much longer; time for history to repeat itself). During the last two weeks of January, the economy of China has been seriously hit by devastating winter storms, largest in 50 years. Snow and cold weather forced factories to shut down, halting 1/3 of Global output. This just threw gasoline onto the fire, with the U.S. economy in fear of the R' word.

Equatorial regions of the Amazon Basin, Southern Africa and Indo-Australia saw record flooding, with the worst in Southern Africa. Rainfall was mostly enhanced across Australia by a whopping combination of La Nina, MJO, and tropical cyclones.


My Say

Despite this cold and unusual winter, we still cannot rule out Global Warming which is really a long-term Global average and/or trend. One thing that maybe caught most people off-guard is the trend of recent warm winters. Furthermore, In my opinion, Global Warming has be over hyped by the media and some climatologist as some failed to also hype the variations caused by ENSO and solar cycles which actually decrease world temperatures. What do you guys think?

Figure 1. Photo taken on Jan. 26, 2008 shows the snow scenery at Huqiu senic spot of Suzhou city, east China's Jiangsu province. A snowfall hit the city on Saturday, leaving picturesuqe snow scenery in the ancient gardens and streets. (Xinhua Photo)

Figure 2. TRMM satellite based rainfall measurements for Southern Africa.

Figure 3. The flooded Warrego River flows over a bridge in Charleville.Photo: ABC

Last, but not least to certain people, George W. Bush gave his last State of the Union Address earlier this week. Enjoy:

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