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How I start leaning to Meteorology

By: allancalderini, 10:57 AM GMT on June 24, 2013

Well good morning everyone is 4:33 right now so I am probably sleepy and I am not good with grammar so so sorry with the spelling mistakes.First I want to tell you a little bit of me I am 17 years old,Live in a city name La Ceiba in northern Honduras.I love living here I remember when young my cousin and I will always see the rain falling hard and we will go into it and start screaming like crazy:D good times.My complete name is Allan Jeff Calderini Castro.actually it was Allan Gabriel but my father being a fan of John Travolta change it to jeff thinking that it was the name of his which actually was Jett,Anyways my family is a little bit crazy but I love them the same of my friends.My hobbies are Reading a lot,going out with my friends and track tc worldwide.
I have been interested in meteorology since I was 9 going into 10 because at that age I start watching the news about hurricanes I remember watching Al Rojo Vivo about hurricane Rita being a cat 5 and going to Texas,I also remember the first time I feel the rainbands of hurricane Wilma and at that time the high wind make the sand of the beach enter the city it was amazing of how powerful it was,since then I start tracking them I remember Gamma which brought a lot or rain to my city and causing some flood.

2006 was a disapointment to me because I thought it would be as active as 2005 the only thing I remember was Alberto that form early June and I thought it would be an indicative of the rest of the season but I was wrong.I even bought a map to put the tracks of the TC of that year.

2007 was a boring year for many people as thy were only two majors and weak hurricanes but for me I discover that Meteorology was my passion.I remember the people scare of hurricane Felix being a repeat of Mitch and everyone going crazy to bought things.the rest was pretty uneventful though.

This and 2010 are my favorite years but I believe this surpass 2010 I track all of the storms From Alma in the Epac that help develop Arthur to Paloma.This year was amazing when I saw Hurricane Gustav near Cuba or the 4tctogether(Gustav,Hanna,Ike and Josephine) omg I feel so excited that day.The weird track of Fay and the large size of Ike were also things that interested me,That year though my city was flood like never before only being surpass by the floods of Mitch and Fifi,my house was flooded and of many of my neighbours.This was thanks to td 16 that I was wishing it to become Paloma and it never did.
was uneventful the only thing I like was the high latitude of Grace.I start tracking the Eastern Pacific and this year became my favorite 2011 being the other.
My second favorite year in history that I have track almost all the majors going out to see were beautiful how Julia become that MH from surprise and the big size of Igor left me amazed.
Irene was the big one of this year almost all failed to become H and it was the year where the female names were the H of the season and that the fisr 8 tropical systems didn`t become hurricanes.
Like 2011 the headlines were for Sandy which was the second and last MH of the season which brought destruction to the NE Coast.Isaac was another player this year.
Have been fun to track but can`t wait to see what the future holds.Btw sorry for my spelling mistakes English is my second language so I am really sorry for the mistakes.This is the first blog I write so I am not good with it but am trying to learn.

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A little bit of myself

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My name is Allan Calderini I am 17 years old,a senior now :D thanks God I have a wonderful family and friends I live in Honduras in a cityname LaCeiba