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2011 Guide to WeatherUnderground Hurricane Forecasters

By: jeffs713, 8:54 PM GMT on March 28, 2011

2011 Guide to WeatherUnderground Hurricane Forecasters
ver. 1.0

As the 2011 hurricane season is approaching, here is a handy guide for everyone going over the different types of forecasters here on the site, and some common quotes from each of them:

Wishcasters - they wish storms to hit somewhere, preferably near them - "This chart has the storm going SW to hit here on the coast, which happens to be 10 miles from my house."
Eastcasters - they see every wobble as a definitive move to the east - "Thats not a wobble, thats a shift to the east!"
Northcasters - they see every wobble as a definitive move to the north - "Thats not a wobble, thats a shift to the north!"
Southcasters - they see every wobble as a definitive move to the south - "Thats not a wobble, thats a shift to the south!"
Westcasters - they see every wobble as a definitive move to the west - "Thats not a wobble, thats a shift to the west!"
Accucasters - they worship everything Joe Bastardi (Joe B, or JB) says - "Well, JB says the storm will hit New York, even though its South of Cuba."
Fishcasters - every storm goes out to sea - "Its a fish storm"
Downcasters - every storm is weak, and won't intensify much, if it even forms - "there is no LLC", "shear is too high ahead of it, it won't make it past TS"
Doomcasters - every storm is -for sure- going to be Cat 5, and destroy everything - "such-and-such area better get ready for this storm, its going to be a nasty storm in 2 weeks when it gets there"
NOLAcasters - every storm will hit NOLA, without fail - "People better start evacuating NOLA right now, this storm is on its way to them"
Floridacasters - same thing as NOLAcasters, except for Florida - "Florida is going to get slammed by this wave that just came off the coast, they better get ready"
Lurkcasters - they lurk for years (supposedly), then on their first post, either act like they know everything, or ask a very basic question - "Long time lurker, first time poster - what is 'shear'?"
Supercasters - the NHC stinks, and is always wrong, yet the supercaster is ALWAYS right, and knows all - "the NHC is totally wrong! That thunderstorm that hit my house last week was at least a TS!"
Firstcasters - the sum total of their contributions to the blog consists of posting "first" on Dr. M's blog during the busy season - "First!"
Trollcasters - their sole purpose in life is to irritate people - "I wish for a cat 5 storm"
Futurecasters - they attempt to forecast specific storms and events WAY in advance... like 3 months in advance - "On the super-long range GFS model, at 1560 hours, you can see a major storm hitting Georgia..."
Sourgrapecasters - those who, once a particular storm has no possible chance of striking their location, suddenly switch from being wishcasters to downcasters. - "Since the storm has passed 25N, it is doomed. There is also a new wave over Africa at 20E that may be a threat..." (from Neapolitan - thanks!)
Nowcasters - Somewhat similar to east-, north-, west-, and southcasters, these are people who forecast based on a straight extrapolation of the current condition. For instance, if a storm weakens 10 knots between TWOs, the nowcaster will claim that the storm will vanish in just two days. Conversely, if a TS increases 10 knots between TWOs, they are convinced it will be a 200-knot monster in just three or four days. - "The XTRP model says this is coming right for us!" (from Neapolitan - thanks!)
Ironycasters - those whose only comment is that people never post about tropical weather, even while they themselves never post about tropical weather. - "This is a tropical weather blog! OMG!" (from Neapolitan - thanks!)
Grumpycasters - those whose every comment is to lament about how much better the site used to be when they were the only people on it. - "Back when we had to walk 10 miles uphill both ways to get to a computer, this site was great!" (from Neapolitan - thanks!)
Wobblecasters - People who think that every wobble, even a slight one, is going to forever change the path of the storm, and spell certain DOOM to some far-away landmass, usually Florida. Wobblecasters are frequently related to wishcasters, doomcasters, Floridacasters, supercasters, and nowcasters. - "Can't you see? The storm just turned to the left, its going to hit Florida as a major for sure now! Its not a wobble, either!" (thanks cat5hurricane!)
Blobcasters - People who forecast every single blob, regardless of size, position, or conditions, to be either: spinning, consolidating, forming an LLC, intensifying, or developing a pinhole eye. "Look at the blob north of Bermuda - is that a rotation I see?"

Feel free to add your own in the comments...


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