Japanese Company Hopes to Deploy Fleets of Submarines to Stop Typhoons

By: sunlinepr, 9:12 PM GMT on November 17, 2010

Crazy Idea???? How about to place 20 submarines cooling Sea water in front of a hurricane?? hilling-subs

Japanese Company Hopes to Deploy Fleets of Submarines to Stop Typhoons

A Japanese company has patented a scheme that uses submarines to downgrade the force of typhoons as they threaten to make landfall.

Under the plan, a fleet of about 20 subs would dive some 100 feet below the surface just in front of an approaching storm. Each submarine would be fitted with eight pumps capable of quickly dumping more than 500 tons of chilled water per minute into the water above. According to Ise Kogyo, the company behind the idea, 20 submarines could quickly lower the temperature of more than 600,000 square feet of water to the point that a storm%u2019s strength would be diminished.

How to add Animations to the Blog from

By: sunlinepr, 5:08 AM GMT on November 01, 2010

Usually it is difficult to post animations. You need to access weather links where they are available in .gif format...

Use this link to create .gig animations and to plot them in this blog...

The link is:

1. Select the area you want to animate..
2. In the Animate button select Gif89a
3. Select the size of the anim.
4. I usually select every 4th photo so that the resulting animation is not huge in size
5. Give time and when it is done copy and paste to the blog

Have fun with it....

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