Behind Erika.... something not seen by many....

By: sunlinepr, 11:27 AM GMT on August 28, 2015

You may think Im nuts, and I dont want to be controversial here, but The Arecibo Radio Observatory is a proven documented Haarp facility. The technique is real and there are a number of facilities developed by different countries using this US patent.



In moments where the meteorological comunity welcomes new models with better track, path resolution cones, supposed better by one day..... Erikas forecast as it approached the Antilles, specially over PR, results a big fail.

Why? Because there is a hidden variable not taken in consideration by the models. Haarp. I think that Haarp was used to experiment and block Erika making it skip PR.

Why have they blocked this storm?
For long, PR has been a experimental testing ground for the USA. The uranium bullet was tested in Vieques. Fluoride in water. Deforesting Orange agent used in Vietnam in El Yunque. The contraceptic pill on PR women..... and other esperiments on what has been recently declared, secondary USA citizens, living in a colony that are owned by the US congress... Ahh and Monsanto agricultural experiments...
Yes, it is true that Experiments with Weather modification, and with agricultural GMO projects from plantations, are being conducted, specially in the SE area, towns like Salinas, Juana Diaz and the Santa Isabel area.
Monsanto is developing drought resistant GMO organisms. Also in California the same experiments are being performed.


According to its pattents, Haarp creates a squared High pressure area.... Area that can be seen during satellite animations.
During the night Erika came close to PR it was noticed a squared cloud formation S of PR.
If true, sooner or later, Like cloud seeding, technique that is known and used by many countries, Haarp actual experiments will be something talked about by many in the future...

Another Conspiracy theory?

Well, I invite you, to perform a scientific data investigation.... Anyhow... the patent is real... the facilities are real... the GMO products are real...

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