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Got my new camera. Lovin it!

By: tropicfreak, 7:58 PM GMT on November 22, 2006

Yesterday I just got my new camera. A Kodak EasyShare C433, a 4mp with movie mode. Lenses combined with 5x digital zoom with a total of 15xzoom! I'm lovin it( not the McDonalds motto) :LOL: Got it at Walmart for $50. Save $60. Well right now the wind is blowin pretty hard. With a little rain. Well tomorrow's thanksgiving. Those who are leaving thier town or going out of town tell me where you're going and tell me if you have family. I'm goin out of town, but only 48 mi from where I live> Goin to a small town called blackstone.

Happy Thanksgiving Gobble Gobble :LOL:


P.S Before you know it I'll be gettin snow

Tornado in Reigelwood NC

By: tropicfreak, 11:37 PM GMT on November 18, 2006

On thursday there was a tornado in Reigelwood NC not far from Wilmington(20 miles west). It spun through a trailer park and killed 8 people. Scientists recently reported on the fujita scale that it was an F3 tornado. I think the reason why it killed 8 people because they were in molbile homes and of course a molbile home isn't good for tornadoes.
Some people took cover in a nearby ditch. But the ditch was proabably full of people so those 7 who were killed couldn't
proabably fit in it. There were downpours throughout the whole south. There was another tornado which was in VA north of richmond. It was an F1. There were a couple tornado warnings in the richmond metro areas. It was strange. In the afternoon around 3:15 the sun came out an wooooeee, it was bright. In the middle of the day it was POURING AND I MEAN POURING!!!!!! The rain was goin sideways and the leaves were twirling. There were a few rumbles of thunder in downtown richmond but nothin to worry about.


Mark your calenders!

By: tropicfreak, 8:20 PM GMT on November 07, 2006

Mark your calendars not only for Election Day, but on Nov 21 is my birthday. Please mark your calendars for those two things coming up.

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