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Nobody went home on Idol last night !

By: tropicfreak, 8:21 PM GMT on April 26, 2007

This is very stange.No one went home on Idol.When Ryan told Blake,Melinda,Phil,and LaKiesha(She should of gone off)that they were safe,which left Jordin and Chris.Ryan told Chris that he was safe,and Jordin was crying because she thought she was going,and I never thought she would go home and not win Idol because she was excellent.But Ryan said that he will not send anybody home on Charity Night.I was very mad when he said that.Next week he'll send 2 home because he didn't send anyone home Wed night.Who will be eliminated?I think it'll be La Kiesha,but who else?...

Have a great rest of the week.


Sanjaya finally goes home on Idol!!!!

By: tropicfreak, 11:30 PM GMT on April 20, 2007

Finally Sanjaya is eliminated.I had a feeling that he would get voted off because Tues night he sang terribly.Chris did alright although it was a little pitchy.Blake did good tues night as well.I was very glad that Chris was safe,but I was very shocked to see blake in the bottom 3,but he got sent to the sofa right away leaving only LaKieshia and Sanjaya.I was also surprised that LaKieshia was also in the bottom 3.When Ryan Seacrest told sanjaya that he was going home,I was happy that he got eliminated and that LaKieshia was safe.I mean it this time,next week phil will go home since every week I've been getting it wrong.Melinda had the most votes,so she got up onto the stage and did the results when Ryan Seacrest told her to move to phil's side.Sanjaya's reaction after Seacrest told him he was eliminated,he was crying.At the end he sang "Let's Give It Somthing to talk about"and he forgot a few words.Plus,he couldn't even sing it.This will be a real competition now that Sanjaya has left.

Have a great weekend!


Very windy day(please pray for those affected in the VT shooting)

By: tropicfreak, 12:51 AM GMT on April 17, 2007

Today was a very windy day with winds up to 20 mph with gusts up to 30-40 mph.We recieved 3 inches of rain I believe.Please pray for those suffering for loved ones that were killed in the VT shooting.About 33 people were dead and many are injured.This made nationwide news.President Bush spoke of this incident.This is the worst shooting in US history and the most killed by a gunman.The gunman is also has been deseased(killed)in this shootout.I'll keep you posted on the latest on this tradgic breakout.


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Storms Possible tonight

By: tropicfreak, 5:11 PM GMT on April 14, 2007

We just had a burst of rain come through the area but it looks like we won't get any rain for a few hours.As you can see on this radar there are some servere storms north of here.It's a good thing that the batch of rain headed out of here before it strengthened.There is some rain off to our west in the Staunton/Waynesbro area and it looks like they're weakening but it could restrengthen once it passes over the blue ridge.I'll keep a close eye on it.But otherwise most of the rain is out in KY and in the Cumberland gap.


Have a great weekend!


Either haley or phil could get voted off

By: tropicfreak, 1:55 PM GMT on April 11, 2007

Last night on American Idol,Simon was cruel except for Blake and Chris' performance.I believe that Simon said that chris'performance was the best so far,or was it blake lewis.It was Jennifer Lopez night on american Idol.I hope you guys were able to vote for Chris Richardson.I was able to vote for him 3 times.Most of the time I dialed the numbers there was a busy signal which was a good sign.I also was able to get to vote for blake twice.I think phil,haley,jordin or sanjaya will be in the bottom 3.So either sanjaya or jordin will join phil and haley following with phil getting eliminated.It's a tough call for haley and phil because they both didn't sing that good last night.But since haley has been in the bottom 3 fewer times than phil,I think phil will go home tonight.

Keep voting for chris!


'Very active' Atlantic Hurricane season is forecasted

By: tropicfreak, 8:23 PM GMT on April 08, 2007

The 2007 hurricane season should be very busy with 17 named storms,3 of them Tropical Storms,9 of them hurricanes,and 5 of these major with a big one likely to hit the US coast.The chance of a major hurricane hitting the US is 74% compared to 52% over the past century.In the 2006 hurricane season,there were 10 named storms;3 of them tropical storms,5 of them hurricanes and 2 of them major which was considered,a "Near Normal" season.None of these hit the US coast.This was the 11th time this has occurred since 1945.The NHC in miami originally reported 9 storms,but they upgraded one after a postseason review.The reason why last year's season was so quiet is because an unexpected late El Nino which had far-reaching effects that contain changing wind patterns in the eastern atlantic.The atlantic hurricane season averages 9.6 named storms,5.9 hurricanes,and 2.3 major hurricanes per year.

Happy Easter


Got more snow!

By: tropicfreak, 4:17 PM GMT on April 07, 2007

April weather is usually rainy,but not this storm.This storm had us smudged us under 2" of snow when I thought it would be 0.5"-1".Areas up north saw 4"-5".Most of the snow has already melted,just had a passing flurry a few minutes ago.Luckily the snow didn't accumulate to the roads although in some areas they were a little slushy.Looks like we might see a few flurries today but no accumulation.

Doppler Max 6

NOTE:This radar doesn't show the difference between rain and snow.

Happy Easter and have an "eggscellent"weekend.


Snow possible tonight!

By: tropicfreak, 12:55 AM GMT on April 07, 2007

Please excuse me for my absence since last week.Anyway,we could see some snow tonight,maybe 0.5"-1 in. possible,while areas up north could see 1"-3".I guess we didn't see the last of the snow yet.LOL!It isn't snowing right now,but there are a few showers in the surrounding area of Richmond.The snow will start to kick in in a few hours with some morning snow likely ending at 9am.

Doppler Max 6

NOTE:This radar doesn't show the difference between rain,snow,or other types of precip.

Happy Easter and have an eggscellent weekend


Oh by the way,Gina got voted off on American Idol Wednesday night following with Haley,and phil in the bottom 3.What are we going to do about sanjaya.Just a reminder,vote for chris richardson but not Sanjaya.Thanks for keeping chris safe!

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