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Time to talk about the tropics

By: tropicfreak, 6:59 PM GMT on May 28, 2007

Sorry for my long absence.Things have been very busy.Right now,let's take a look of whats going on in the tropics.


Gulf of mexico

There is a disturbance out in the carribean.It doesn't look that strong however,it's not that weak.It does have the potential to develop.


The waters are warm enough for it to develop,but it appears to be going north so i'll give it a 35% chance for it to develop.

Happy Memorial day!


Had some severe storms Wednesday with hail.Chris goes home on idol

By: tropicfreak, 8:20 PM GMT on May 03, 2007

Last Wednesday I watched the 4pm news on NBC 12 when I saw a weather alert.There were storms to the east of Richmond,which were the worst.There were also some storms to the west and south of Richmond and they were heading NE.The storms that were south of here were pretty good sized and pretty servere.(heaviest was in the red)But they had weakened as it was crossing the Blue ridge.Usually when these storms weaken over the moutains,they usually restengthen as they cross the piedmont before they get to Richmond.The closer the storms got,the more servere it got.I could see a few lightning strikes to the north of here,but they were far away.Just before the storm started,there was some rotation to these clouds,but it died out.When it started,I heard some hail tapping on the roof and I looked outside to see what was going on.The hail looked to be pea-sized.After 30 minutes it stopped.We also had pretty close lightning stikes.The NWS didn't issue any warnings for us.Lets switch subjects.On Idol Chris unfortunately went home following with phil.I wanted LaKiesha to go home so bad that I couldn't stand her shouting while she was singing.LaKiesha will probably be the next contestant.Thank you guys for voting for him.I never thought he would make it this far.

Have a great rest of the week.


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