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Monthly long range forecast(for december)

By: tropicfreak, 9:04 PM GMT on November 30, 2007

Boy it's been a long time since I posted a blog.Jimmie Johnson won the Nextel Cup title and Carl Edwards won the Busch series title.So now I'm focusing on winter weather.As you probably know,there will be a major winter storm in the NE(of course)while I'll be getting rain.Going into December I have posted a monthly long range forecast for december.If you guys in the NE are dreaming of a white Christmas it could happen in most areas.Near the beginning of december (12th-15th) there will be another snowstorm,this time it'll include VA and a few of the southern states which will probably be the Carolinas.There will be significant amounts as far as MD and VA.(Keep in mind that the NE includes VA)I'm a little excited but i'm not getting my hopes up to much nor am I giving up.

1st-3rd Snow falls from Mid-Atlantic States to New England, then clearing skies 4th-7th Becoming unsettled 8th-11th Cold and dry 12th-15th Another snowstorm, with significant accumulations as far south as Maryland, Virginia, then fair, cold weather 16th-19th Mostly fair 20th-23rd Snow from Pennsylvania, New York to Maine, then fair, very cold 24th-27th Dreaming of white Christmas? Snow possible most areas 28th-31st Stormy through New England, with a heavy, wintry mix (snow/sleet). Rainy Mid Atlantic States, then fair, cold

Merry chistmas


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