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New years blog party from 8-12pm

By: tropicfreak, 10:36 PM GMT on December 31, 2007

Tonight I'll be hosting a blog party from 8-12pm.Lets ring in 2008!Order pizza,drinks,get us steaks,burgers,fries,barbeque,pies,ice cream,you name it.

Aside from the party temps today were in the 50's not a bad day.On wednesday-Fri we're going to get a shot of cold air with highs in the upper 30's to lower 40's with lows in the upper teens to lower 20's.Wednesday night we could get a few flurries with lows around 18.But I don't expect any accumulations.

Hope i get 100 comments and fire up the grills

Happy new year.


Norad tracking santa

By: tropicfreak, 8:20 PM GMT on December 23, 2007

As you all know,christmas eve is tomorrow and what I'm going to do is post and updated maps on where santa is.Here's a link to

Merry Christmas


Models show huge storm in early 2008 (1-3 days after newyears day)

By: tropicfreak, 10:03 PM GMT on December 19, 2007

Today it has been a very December-like day for me. Highs in the lower 50's to upper 40's.about yesterday morning I woke up to a lot of frosting to the ground because the low temp's were in the lower 20's.It was a while until it all burned off.Anyway by Christmas there are signs of a developing storm which will be bringing some winter weather at the beginning of 2008 (Jan 1-3)I'm not getting my hopes up because it's too early to tell and it's 15 days away.By around new years eve it should be more accurate.Although it would be nice to open up 2008 to some snow.

Happy holidays and merry christmas


P.S:Watchingnva and pumps you were right,by January there will be more snow.Have to wait til next month and things will start to get more dicey.

Broke record temperature 74 in 1966 today's highs at 80!

By: tropicfreak, 9:02 PM GMT on December 10, 2007

Today we broke the record temperature of 74 in 1966 to today with highs barely reaching the 80 degree mark.It was pretty warm as you can tell.As soon as we saw our first snow,have themperatures in the 40's now we hit 80.I wore jeans and a short sleeved shirt and my legs are will cool off by the end of the week.There is no snow in the forcast however some of the models are showing that we might get a big snowstorm.Most of the types of snow we get is these big classic coastal storms from the south.the cmc says huge storm with a lot of snow for all places The gfs says the same thing I said (classic coastal storm) which would be rain/snow for these big cities and snow more inland like where i live. The dgex says the same thing as GFS,but mostly snow for the big cities.The ECMWF says large coastal storm with a very close call for I95 which you probably know,runs near my town.I'm not getting my hopes up yet.

Merry christmas!


First snow of season yesterday

By: tropicfreak, 9:57 PM GMT on December 06, 2007

Yesterday we got our first snow of the year but unfortunately it was "short-lived" at around 9 in the morning i caught a glimpse of our first flakes.It wasn't coming down that hard,it was very light.Later at around 11:30 it really started to come down.The snow started to accumulate on the grassy areas,but at 1:30 it stopped snowing and the sun came out.Soon it started to get cloudy and we got a little sleet and snow but that was it.Still it was nice to see our first flakes of the year which actually came a little early in the season.Here are some photos of the snow in richmond and also some holiday picture.

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