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By: tropicfreak, 8:54 PM GMT on January 01, 2008

I hope you had a happy new year.Today was very windy and will continue into late tomorrow.Late tonite into tomorrow we could get some snow flurries with lows in the upper 20's.But the winds will range from 30-40mph so it'll feel like it'll be in the teens and it will feel like 25-30 degrees tomorrow.No accumulations are expected.Around Jan 14 a huge polar cold blast will dip southward and will possibly bring high temperatures only into the 30's.And there is apossibility that we might see just snow late Jan 13 into late Jan 14 with lows in the teens and the highs around freezing.(32)Obviously,it's too early to tell how much we wil get but in the meantime i'll keep watching the forecast to see if it'll get more dicier.



The storm now appears to fall on jan 12 so for VA into NC it would now be mainly a Rain/snow event.(Sleet,snow,freezing rain will come in that night)Because it's a rain/snow event,the temps will be warmer by not much into the upper 30's to the lower 40's because it will happen before the polar blast comes in.Areas north of DC will get mainly snow and ice.I wouldn't get too disappointed
about the rain and snow because at around Jan 17 or 18th,some of the models are showing that we might get a snowstorm and also an ice event.Of course as I said before,I'm not getting my hopes up on something thats 15 days away so i'll keep watching to see if any thing happens. The highs on that day might be around freezing,and the lows will be in the teens.



Right now as you can tell it's 61 degrees which is very comfortable.Tomorrow will get even more nicer with highs in the 70's.That will feel good.I'll be in shorts and short-sleeved shirts!LOL Anyway the storms I've been talking about have changed a lot in a good way.Yesterday I looked and the Jan 13th storm was going to miss us and the jan 16th storm was just going to be rain.But the good news is (for snowlovers) is the jan 13th storm now the 14th storm that wasn't going to happen might happen once again!The Jan 16th storm now the 15th that i was talking aabout will just be rain will actually be snow again.The 2 storms will "combine in the forecast" and might just be snow.The highs will be in the 30's and the lows will be in the lower 20's to upper teens.Of course I don't know how much it'll snow because obviosly it's 9 days away.As i would always say,I'm not getting my hopes up on something thats a long way away.We shall see what will happen as we move closer to Jan 14th.


The forecasts for the storm are starting to kick in and the storm is getting closer.The storm will start probably late saturday into sunday,starting out as snow.(lows are going to be around freezing)Then it'll change over to rain,mixing in with sleet or freezing rain.The snow accumulations on saturday night(it's only an estimate) will probably get to an inch or so.Then sunday evening it'll change back to snow,maybe mixing in with sleet.Early monday It'll change over to rain mixing with snow then changing all to snow later in the day.Then early tuesday the storm will be out of here.The exact track of the storm will determine what type of precip we'll get.It's 5 days away so alot can change.We'll see what happens


This storm now appears to be a rain/snow/mix event.Tomorrow morning at around 7pm or 8pm the storm will start out as snow mixed in with sleet for a few hours and then the above freezing temps will change it to rain. Before the changeover to rain we could see a good 1-2" of snow before the rain starts. Areas far west of richmond in the mountains could see 2-4" with no changeover to rain.Just west of richmond they are under a winter weather advisory.Counties like Mecklenburg,Lunenburg,Nottoway,Amelia,Powhatan,Goochland,
Louisa,and spotsyvainia counties are in that area.North of richmond the changeover to rain will be slower than here.East of us it's going to be just rain.I guess it's just another winter weather event on the rain/snow line.This will be our first time that we will reach an inch of snow.Too bad it's going to rain but hey,at least we're getting some snow.

The cold weather

Sunday's highs will barely reach into the 30's,so it's going to be freezing that day.


Well it snowed but not a lot. We got about a quarter of an inch of snow and ice,which is definetly not alot.This morning at around 730am it started to snow lightly,and then the flakes got big and it really started to come down.Then at around 930 we got an ice/snow mix.Then later at 1030 it started to sleet.Then at 12pm it changed to rain.I heard last night that there were reports of heavy snow in the atlanta area. Folks down in atlanta get excited about every little bit of snow they get.I also heard that charlotte was under a winter storm warning.I'm sure weatherkid was very excited about it.There will be another shot of wintery precip for the SE and us.


Sat could bring another round of wintry precip for the south and mid-atlantic.and for us,it's going to be mainly snow,maybe starting off as light rain.The highs will be in the upper thirties and the lows will be in the mid teens! Sunday will bring us very cold temps with highs only reaching to arouund freezing.So any snow that has accumulated to the ground and roads from sat will not melt.
The SE part of VA could also see accumulating snow.I think we might get 3-5"(this is only a guess)of snow.

Pattern of coastal storms

The flow of air in the gulf of mexico is going NE which is why we're getting those coastal storms,like the one we saw today.


There is still a great chance of snow,again maybe starting off as a brief period of rain.This means that we could get a large amount of snow.Maybe 2-5" will do for those who live west of US 360 like I do.Once again atlanta should see more heavy snow maybe topping off at 2-4" of snow in that area.The storm will move through charlotte could see some snow accumulations(3-4") in that area then at around daybreak mostly cloudy or cloudy skies will fill in and at around 3 or 4pm the brief period of rain will start and an hour later it'll change to snow.Areas east of I 95 to williamsburg could start off as some rain then changing to a mix of sleet or freezing rain then changing to snow.About 2-3" of snow is possible.East of williamsburg should see a period of rain and then changing to snow with 1-3" of snow is possible.For Charleston to columbia (SC) should see 1-3".West of columbia should see 2-4".For that area,a brief rain then a short rain/snow mix then changing to all snow.Might see some sleet mixed in.The storm will move in as soon as thet artic air moves in,which will bring at freezing temps for us sun.

Another round of wintry precip.

On thurs that gulf stream will bring yet another coastal storm for us bringing a round of wintry precip.I'll keep monitering the situation.


Thanks to heavy snow,I've finally reached 100 comments!Because I've reached 100 comments,I'll host a big blog party on fri 5-11pm.Thanks everyone who posted comments on my blog to count up comments to 100.Hope I see you at the blog party and add more comments.My next goal will be 200.

Any snow?

There is no snow in the forecast thanks(or not)to warm air which is spreading all over the region.However,cold air will make a return feb 7 and we'll see if there are any winter storms or snowstorms by then.We have to get a snowstorm at least in feb.


You know what I like to have for a party LOL so bring on the food!!!

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