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By: tropicfreak, 1:21 AM GMT on October 21, 2008

It has been quite a while since I have posted a blog so bear with me here! A cool spell has came over us with temps in the 60's with lows in the lower 40's to the upper 30's and even in the mid 30's. So cool weather has come around very early and should stay with us for the remainder of the week and quite possibly long range. For the past 3 or 4 winters we've had what we call a "snow drought" which averages about 1.5 inches of winter weather per winter since 2007. Will this be a turn around winter with lots of snow? Jim Duncan local meteoroligist from 12 news explains:

First, let me confess that I have a particular affinity for cold temperatures and snow. Spending all of the first half of my life in the snowbelts of the Northeast, I grew up with a fascination of winter storms. Decades later, it’s still with me.

With that disclaimer in hand, I can’t shake the feeling that this winter could be a lot different from recent ones. “Snow drought” pretty much sums up the past several years for Virginia. Could this year bring a reversal? While many climatological indicators don’t support this thesis, it’s hard to deny that the fall pattern so far has been quite cool over the East, with notable early-season dips southward in the jet stream.

There are some hints in the computer guidance for a significant cold spell (much colder than our current cool-snap) towards the end of this month. With such pattern gyrations occurring in greater frequency this year versus prior years, it’s not a stretch to speculate that, longer-range, wintry weather could make a surprise visit well before the official arrival of the season.

Posted by Jim Duncan

I was actually surprised he liked snow because he can get a little down on snow and take the joy out of the kids. But I guess he changed his mind! This past weekend, we got a fall-like storm with some rain, mostly on friday but believe it or not, before that storm, we had trace in the month of october which means no rain. As far as are first snow goes, I think it will happen in late November if not december. We should get a few winter storms with our "Big One" in January. So we should get quite a lot. I know i've said this may times but again, I'm not getting my hopes up on something far out. Usually the earlier we get our first cold spell, the earlier winter will come and the more snow we will get.

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