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First Snowflakes Tonight?????!

By: tropicfreak, 8:39 PM GMT on November 17, 2008

It is possible that we could get our first flakes tonight and possibly into the morning. Conditions are right for snow. Tonight's lows will be 1 degree below freezing (of course 31). We are currently in a cold snap the coldest so far this season. (obviously there will be cold snaps later on in the winter that will be much colder than this one)and it will continue through the end of next weekend. The highs will be mid or low 50's and upper,mid and even lower 40's. The coldest day of this cold snap will occur this Friday with a high of 43 and a low plumetting to the mid 20's. All of these flurries are from a clipper moving through the midwest which will usher in some flurries and some cold weather. I don't think the snow will accumulate on the grass even though it has been chilly the past couple of days. To tell you the truth, I would be surprised to wake up finding snow in my yard. Here is Jim Duncan's weather blog about the early arrival of winter.

The post below was published on Nov. 13th. All of your comments are appreciated. It seems that winter weather brings out alot of enthusiasm! I will add that the shots of cold air are still slated to be rather persistent through a few days prior to Thanksgiving. Some really cold temps for November are expected. Snow lovers may be dissappointed, however, as at most it looks like we may see a few flurries from these clipper systems ushering in the arctic air . (Posted Nov. 17th)

As speculated about in previous posts, it looks possible that Virginia may get an early brush with wintry weather this year, and maybe even before Thanksgiving. Although I’m not one to go too far out on the “weather limb”, I do think it’s at least within the realm of possibility that our first flakes could fly within the pattern that’s taking shape for the balance of this month.

Multiple shots of cold air will be dropping southward from around November 17th through the subsequent week. Clipper systems rushing across the Midwest will usher in the chill. Of course, of more interest is snow, sleet, or whatever… and those clippers should be dry systems this far south. Yet, the upcoming pattern merits attention, as even just a few flurries would get folks excited. We’ll see.

Have a great week and stay warm!


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