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By: tropicfreak, 5:50 PM GMT on July 25, 2009

Right now there is nothing much happening in the tropics. There is some shower activity in the Bahamas and South Florida, but it is very disorganized and development is unlikely but we'll see what happens in the next few days. Cape Verde activity is quiet but there is an endless line of disorganized showers and T'storms that is not expected to develop. There is a wave a few hundred miles east of the Lessler Antillies. It does look somewhat more organized than the other waves that I mentioned and convection isn't all that strong except for some isolated spots. We'll see what happens. No development is expected in the next 48 hours.


That explains it all. It is going to be hot and humid the rest of the week. The dew points today are expected to get to 70! That is going to make it feel very uncomfortable. We are going to have a high of 91! Unfortunately, it looks like there will be no rain to relieve the temps. There is a slim chance of a spotty shower or storm but it looks like most, if not all of VA will stay dry. It will feel muggy out so seek shade! Tonight will be partly cloudy with a low of 71. An isolated shower or storm can't be ruled out but most likely nothing will happen. Tomorrow will be more of the same however, shower and storm chances will be slightly greater with a shower or t'storm possible and the heat and humidity will be the same tomorrow with a high of 90. Most of us should stay dry but we will see a little green on the radar. Tomorrow night will be partly cloudy with a passing shower or storm with a low of 72. Mon will get a little intresting. It will be a tad cooler but it will stay hot and not to mention the humidity will stick with us. There is a 40% chance of showers and t'storms but it will be hit and miss. But it is more rain than Sun and today. High will be 89. The rest of the week will be showers and t'storms in the afternoon hours with highs in the 90's and lows in the lower 70's

Have a great weekend



Yesterday was a wild day in terms of severe weather. Yesterday at around 5pm, I noticed a shelf cloud which usually means that it is a big storm in terms of size. I also noticed that the sky looked to be boiling and I could tell it was going to be bad. The downpour came down along with lightning and thunder. I didn't see any hail but it was pretty bad. The storm passed just to the north of us causing storm damage to all of northern Chesterfield County. Hail up to 1" in diameter was reported in these areas. Trees were uprooted. I don't know if the local news saw it on their radar but the clouds looked to be pretty low which looked to be signs of rotation. Thank God I was spared from storm damage, all I saw was a few twigs scattered around but otherwise no damage was reported in my area. Much of Central VA (including me) woke up to some loud thunder and some lightning. Lightning was pretty close, in fact, I heard the lightning bolt hit the ground then BOOM!! It freaked me out. It lasted for about 45 minutes then it left the area leaving behind storm damage to some areas that didn't get any on the first one. It also caused damage to areas east of Richmond. What did you guys pick up at your houses?

More Storms?

Unfortunately, it looks like we may get more severe weather today with a slight risk east of Charlottesville. We could see some heavy downpours, frequent lightning, and possibly hail. That will all be caused by a weak frontal boundary that is moving through the area. The conditions appear just right for severe weather, daytime heating (it has already hit 80 in some areas) the moisture with some very high dewpoints. We're talking low 70's in dew points which will make it feel more uncomfortable. Be on the lookout and feel free to send any damage reports to me.

It looks like we will see all of this week scattered t'storms in the afternoon with highs in the low 90's each day. Today we will hit 90.

Yesterday we hit 97, just 3 degrees shy of hitting 100.

Have a great week!


A severe t'storm warning has been issued for Surry, Prince George, Mecklenberg, Brunswick, Dinwidde, and Sussex counties. These storms may produce penny sized hail, heavy downpours, frequent lightning and winds in excess of 60 mph. These storms have formed a line from northern NC to Petersburg. Charles City, New Kent counties may be next in line. Nothing west of 95 has formed yet however they should start firing up pretty soon. I'll keep you posted.

New severe t'storm Warning just came out for SE Chesterfield County, NE Dinwidde County and Price George County. These storms could produce heavy downpours, winds in excess of 60 mph, penny-sized hail and frequent lightning. The storms near petersburg have begun to turn in a more northerly direction and Petersburg could receive a direct hit. I wouldn't be surprised if a warning came out for Petersburg and Colonial Heights. If you want live radar updated every minute, click on this link. Cbs Doppler Max 6

Yesterday's storm

The local forecasts called for a 20-30% chance of a t'storm yesterday but a small line of storms pushed to the NNE towards Metro Richmond. Nothing too severe, just some lightning, thunder and rain. The funny thing was, they called for a 50% chance of t'storms Monday and nothing really happened here and in downtown Richmond unless you were in Petersburg/Colonial Heights, Dinwidde, or extreme eastern Chesterfield County. And yesterday they called for a slim chance of a t'storm but most should stay to the SE of us. I didn't see a lot of weather going on to the SE but those slow moving storms pushed through here and gave us some needed rain. Today we may get some stormy weather with a 60% chance of T'storms (it should happen this time) especially in the afternoon. Some could be severe with gusty winds, heavy downpours, frequent lightning and possibly hail. A tornado can't be ruled out. Once again we will be feeling the humidity and dewpoints today with a high of 88. It is all coming from a low spinning to the west of us and it will bypass us but it will moisten the air up and give us a good chance for showers and T'storms. Tonight the showers and T'storms will taper off by midnight with a low of 70. Thurs will bring partly cloudy skies with a very slim chance of a shower or storm but most if not all should stay to the north of us. It will be hot though with a high of 94. Tomorrow night will bring partly cloudy skies with a low of 71. Friday there is a good chance (about 50%) of t'storms. Some could be severe. For the rest of the week, it looks like the stormy pattern won't let up anytime soon. Highs will be in the upper 80's or low 90's for the next 7 days.

There is nothing in the tropics worth mentioning however the GFS is hinting a wave that will come off africa in a few days could develop. We'll just have to wait and see what happens.

Have a great week


97L, Bahamas Disturbance Worth Watching

By: tropicfreak, 3:17 PM GMT on July 21, 2009


We have 2 areas of concern that are worth watching. 97L which is west of the Lessler Antillies and just south of Hati and the Dominican Republic. Shear is high in that area however, it has held together in the past couple of days in that high of shear (20-30 kts) so if it continues to hold together like it has been then I think it has a shot for development. The next area that needs to be watched closely is the Bahamas wave. The NHC will probably tag it as invest 98 because it has been continuing to organize itself and it is in somewhat lower shear than 97L. This one has more model support and they take it along the east coast. The NHC put both waves in yellow but I wouldn't be surprised if they tag the bahamas wave as an invest by 2pm today and put it in orange.

Animated loop of bahamas disturbance.

Weather for Central VA

It was a wet monday yesterday, especially during the afternoon hours. A low spinning off the coast of VA (won't develop into anything tropical,probably subtropical) has caused us to get some need rain. Keep those umbrellas in handy because we are going to see more of the same today. Showers and t'storms will develop as we head into the afternoon today with a high of 83 but the humidity will make it feel more warmer. Tonight will be showers and thunderstorms continuing into the wee hours of the morning then it will taper off with a low of 68. Tomorrow the low will head north but we could see a stray shower or t'storm and it will be a little warmer with a high of 88. Tomorrow night showers and t'storms will be on the increase with a low of 70. Thurs a strong cold front will move through the area bringing a 50% chance of T'storms, some could be severe with gusty winds and hail and an isolated tornado or two can't be ruled out. High will be 88. Thurs night the showers and t'storms will taper off by midnight with a low of 68. Fri will be more of the same with showers and t'storms which some could be severe just like Thurs so expect the same weather fri as Thurs. High will also be the same, 88. If something pops up today which chances are it will happen then I'll try to keep you posted for the latest info.

Have a great week


Free Slurpee Day Today! Small Earthquake in Richmond's West End; A look back on Hurricane Bertha

By: tropicfreak, 7:08 PM GMT on July 08, 2009

It has been a while since I posted my last blog. Anyway the tropics are quiet. There is a wave on the panama coast, but shear is too high and no chance for development.

July 13 will be the 13-year anniversary of Hurricane Bertha which hit NC and then slammed into VA dumping lots of rain.
At least 6 tornadoes touched down in VA, causing some minor damage to some areas. Bertha also caused some flooding. The widespread rain dumped 2-4" west of I-95. East of I-95 had the heaviest rain with greater amounts. The area that had the highest amount of rainfall was Northampton Co. with a whopping 7" of rain. Here is coverage of hurricane bertha from TWC.

Here is the forecast.
Today will be partly cloudy with a high of 88 so it will be pretty hot. Tonight will be cool and comfortable with a low 63. Tomorrow will be a little bit cooler but still warm with a high of 85. There is a slim chance of isolated T'storms but most of us should remain dry. Tomorrow night will be another cool night with a low of 63. Friday will be cloudy for most of the day with a high of 86. We could see a pop-up t'storm. Fri night will be cloudy with a low of 65.
The weekend may get wet so keep those umbrellas in handy. Sat will start off cloudy but later in the day we could see some t'storms. Some of those could be severe with some hail and strong winds with a high of 93 with the humidity up. Sat night will bring scattered showers and t'storms. It will feel uncomfortable out with a low of 70. Sun will be more of the same with scattered t'storms with some severe with hail and strong winds. It will be hot and humid with a high of 92.

A few nights ago, the west end felt an eaarth quake with a magnitude of 2.3 on the richter scale. No damage was reported.


Free Slurpee Day

Today is 7/11/09 and coinsidentally, 7-Eleven is selling free slurpees today all across America. Get a 7.11 oz. cup from their stack and fill it up with the flavor you desire. You can get as many slurpees as you want, but get one slurpee from each store and throw it away before you go to the next 7-Eleven. I went to 3 different 7-Elevens and I got one from each of these stores. Hurry! This only goes until midnight tonight. This only happens once a year so don't miss out!

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