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Possible snowstorm Fri & Sat

By: tropicfreak, 9:26 PM GMT on January 26, 2010

First off before we get to the snow I will comment that I have recently uploaded some pics from the OBX so drop by and check them out.

Today it has been cool and we have been seeing these clouds hanging over us. That is one of the reasons why it is cooler than yesterday. High temps are expected to reach 50°.
Tonight we will clear up and lows will dip to 29°. Tomorrow we will stay sunny with a few passing clouds with a high of 48° so it will be a tad cooler than today. Tomorrow night will bring partly cloudy skies with a low of 30°. Thursday the clouds will gradually build ahead of a storm system that may bring significant amounts of snow. Highs will be slightly warmer around 50°. Thurs night it will be cloudy with lows around freezing and sometime Fri morning the snow will start to fall. It will be light at first but it will pick up in intensity as the day wears on. Highs Fri will be steady with temps around freezing as well. The snow will continue Fri night with lows of around 29°. Sat the snow will continue through mid-day leaving behind flurries or snow showers. At this time it is too early to determine snowfall amounts because the track will play a big role in this storm and will determine how much snow we will see. A dome of high pressure that is bringing cold air will dip south. The question is how far south. If it stays to the north then we may see over a foot of snow. If it dips more south then probably 6". Because of the high pressure I can tell you this, areas south of here like Nottoway, Luenburg etc. will see higher snowfall totals. The storm that is bringing most of the snow is yet again, a nor'easter. The other one will track through the mid west overspreading snow over us then the low off the coast and the midwest system will merge. Some models, especially the Euro model is going crazy on this. They are thinking 18" for us which would be an amount that we haven't seen in a very long time.
Here are some other model runs.

108 hour forecast GFS

Since the image won't show up and I'm having trouble with the link, here is the URL.

I will have more updates as they come along

Have a great day


We are getting ready for a big winter storm that could bring some huge amounts of snow across parts of Commonwealth VA. I will get to that later and get the simple part of the forecast out of the way. Today we are having some gorgeous weather, almost making you think there won't be 8 inches to a foot of snow or 22 degrees. That is Richmond weather for you right there, 60° now and 30° the next day. I swear I have no idea why we get that type of weather here but it is what it is LOL! Tonight the ridge of high pressure will steer down some cold air making a big difference in the high today. Lows will be in the upper 20's. Tomorrow is when the fun starts. We will start off partly to mostly cloudy with highs in the low to mid 30s. I wouldn't rule out a flurry during the day but that doesn't look likely. The snow will start late afternoon into early evening. It will start off light but pick up in intensity overnight. Low temps will be cold in the low 20s. By Sat morning a band of heavy snow will form to the south of richmond bringing the snow totals way up in places like Farmville, Amelia, Blackstone, Victoria (have some folks who live down there)and South Hill. It appears that the southern half of Chesterfield county will see the northern fringe of it. The snow will continue and will taper off Sat night leaving behind a few stray snow showers or flurries. Total amounts: Southside:7-11" West End:6-7" East End: 7-9" and the Northside will see 5-7". Areas to the south of us could see anywhere from 9" to over a foot. Those areas will see the heavy snow band and will see greater amounts than they saw in December. Keep in mind though it will be very cold, making the snow a dry and fluffy one. The mix line that got us worried will stay way to our south just south of Raleigh. However it is still 24 hours away from us so any slight shift in the storm will change the snow totals dramatically. We are also under a winter storm watch. The watches for now will stay to the south of 64. Chesterfield and the city of Richmond are included in this watch and so are points south. After the storm it will be very cold and by very cold I mean VERY COLD! Highs sunday will be around freezing and the low Sunday night will be only 13°. Monday and tuesday it will be in the 30s with a possible storm Tuesday

I'll bring you more updates as they come along



Alright folks, get ready. We are on the brink of what could be yet another large snowstorm for us this winter. Right now the main part of the snow hasn't reached the state, however, we do have a few snow showers drifting to the south near farmville. It looks pretty good sized and nice in strength and it does appear to be reaching the ground in that area. For us right now cloudy conditions. I do think we may see a few flurries or snow showers this evening out ahead of the bulk of the snow. The snow will arrive sometime around midnight then it will continue throughout the overnight period. By Friday morning, like watchnva said, a band of heavy snow will form to the south of us and that is where the greatest snow totals will be. Areas like Norfolk, Suffolk, Emporia, South Hill, Farmville, Amelia, Blackstone, Kenbridge, Victoria and as well as Danville and S Chesterfield County should be in the heavy snow band. There may be sleet confined to extreme SE portions of VA, not including Norfolk or Chesapeake and by the water the winds will be rather strong 20-25mph which could cause blizzard conditions possible in the Hampton roads area. We may see some periods of heavy snow and the wind will be blowing around a bit, but not as bad as near the bay and the ocean. The snow will taper off in the wee hours of Sunday morning leaving behind flurries or snow showers. Areas south of I-64 is under a winter storm warning. That includes Chesterfield and the city of Richmond and points south. Areas where the heavy snow band will be should get an astounding 12"+ of snow smashing the snowfall totals in Dec in some areas like Blackstone where they only received 4" of snow. Areas south of 64 in the S metro area could see 8-12" of snow while areas on the northside such as Mechanicsville will see 6-10" Points north and west like C'ville and north of Ashland will only see 3-6" of snow. The snow totals will get sharply less the further you head north and west. Areas to the north are under a winter storm watch. The warnings also include Norfolk

Ill bring you more updates


Fridgid temps; Snow Possible Thurs & Fri

By: tropicfreak, 12:25 AM GMT on January 04, 2010

First off before I talk about the temps and snow, I've recently uploaded some photos (none from the Dec storm yet, will upload them soon) so check them out, leave a comment.

Fridgid Temps

Since yesterday we've been getting some cold temps with highs in the low 30s and with the windy conditions we've been getting it is making it feel like single digits. Areas in the Blue Ridge Mtns are seeing sub-zero wind chills so it is the same cold air mass that is bringing sub-zero temps to the midwest with MN being the hardest hit area. The wind should die down later tonight and we will still be dealing with the wind tomorrow, but it won't be as bad as this weekend. Lows tonight will be in the mid teens and tomorrow temps will be in the mid 30s and it will be like this for the rest of the week. Overall the cold air mass isn't showing any signs of letting up anytime soon.


There is the possiblity that we may get a decent amount of snow Thurs night into Friday with yet another southern storm that will bring snow to parts of the SE. Of course, it is still too far away to determine snow amounts. The track of the storm, the timing of the storm and the intensity is what the data is still yet determining. They are the key factors to how much snow we will get. It is still up in the air at this time, but this one does look promising. I'll bring you mor updates as they come along.

Something else to add. A few nights ago, a batch of rain and sleet(mainly sleet for Richmond.) moved through the area but didn't bring much accumulations though but it did look cool when it was coming down. In some areas there were reports of large ice pellets.

Have a great week



It looks like we will get an Alberta Clipper which will bring us some snow. However, we won't probably see any more than an inch, whith slightly greater amounts to the west. Thats where there are winter storm advisories from Buckingham to all along the SW half of VA where they will see 1-3" of snow. With this type of clipper, there isn't a whole lot of moisture associated with it. Tonight we will have temps slightly warmer (if you put it that way LOL) with lows around 23. Tomorrow will be colder than today because of the cloud cover with highs in the mid to upper 30s. Around 5pm or so the light snow will start and will continue until the wee hours of the morning at around 3am. Lows will be in the mid 20s. Behind the clipper though, there will be more arctic air for us Friday and the rest of the weekend and so on. Next Thursday there are hints of an upcoming storm but of course it's a week away and details are very sketchy at this point so I'll bring you updates as they come along.

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