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Winter Mix Possible Tues;ANOTHER SNOWSTORM Possible for Fri & Sat

By: tropicfreak, 6:36 PM GMT on February 01, 2010

Well we got last weekends snowstorm out of the way but temps today are still cold due to the snow pack. High temps today will only make it to the mid to upper 30s. Tonight clouds will build ahead of a weak storm that could bring us some ice and snow and yes, you will have to be dealing with more of that stuff. Tonight's lows will be in the mid to upper 20s. Tomorrow morning will start off overcast but as the storm moves in, we could start off as a sleet/snow mix then changing over to sleet by midday. This is the part where it gets a little tricky. We have the mix precip coming from the SE and depending on how far the warm air pushes in to the state will determine whether parts of Richmond will see rain or not. Some areas may see rain while other areas will see sleet and freezing rain. If rain occurs, we will have that snow pack on the ground that is keeping us cold, and right as it hits the surface it will freeze, which is of course freezing rain. We may get rain OR we may get freezing rain. After that the rain/frz rain will change over to some snow in the late afternoon or early evening. Shortly before midnight is when the snow will taper off and the storm will be out of here leaving behind some treachurous roads. Since the models don't seem to be impressed with this storm. I am thinking we may only see 1-2" of snow with greater amounts north and west of town. The snow accumulations though will make up for what we lost with the snow melting. Wed morning we will see overcast conditions with low temps in the upper 20s. By Wed afternoon I think high temps won't get any farther that the mid 30's.

Next Weekend's Snowstorm

Our next focus turns to this weekend where we may get yet again, another snowstorm. Yes, another snowstorm will be possible Fri into Sat. This one is shaping up similar to last dec, which isn't good news for travelers. Models are currently incosistent with this one and it is 4 days away but forecasters are starting to get an idea of what the process may be like. The fun will start Fri morning when we may start as some snow. The snow will continue throughout the day Fri but Fri night as warm air tries to push in, we may see a mix of sleet and snow. By Saturday morning it will be all snow. Of course it's too early to speculate any snow totals, but I'll continue to bring you updates. What I do know is, that it could bring significant amounts.

I wanted to point something out about the school closings. We already had one snow day today, and probably will be the case tomorrow and Wed, maybe thurs and most likely fri. We could end up having about a week or more off from school! This never happens and it could mean more time on the sledding hills. Also by the end of this weekends snow, we could end up with 2 feet of snow on the ground!! A decent snow per winter is one thing, but to have two , perhaps three snowstorms in a winter just never happens around here. You would find that in NY, Detroit, Chicago or Denver.

I'll bring you more updates.



Last night we did see some ice and a dusting of snow. Last night at 9pm the sleet was coming down hard and the pellets were big. Soon though it changed to all snow. We won't have to worry about any winter weather today though, as it will clear up with temps around 40° Tonight we will see partly cloudy conditions with temps around 25°. Tomorrow it will be pretty much like today, partly sunny with a high of around 40° as well. Thurs night clouds will build ahead of a storm that may bring us a good amount of snow. BUT we have sleet, ice, and even rain to deal with. Thurs night's lows will be in the mid to upper 20s. Around 6am Fri morning light snow will be breaking out across central VA. The snow will continue throughout the morning heavy at times, then at midday, we will see a change over to some sleet or freezing rain, eventually by Fri afternoon it will be pretty much all rain with a few ice pellets mixed in as well as frz rain. Fri night the cold air will filter back in and we will see a changeover to all snow early Sat morning. The snow will continue heavy at times until late Sat afternoon where it will taper off to flurries or snow showers. There are still factors that will play a big role in the storm. 1)What will the track be 2) How far will the mix line get into central VA and will we see rain 3) How much moisture 4)How much? (of course!) Snowfall totals will range any where from 3-10". It all depends on how far that mix line will pull inland. Areas to the west like Goochland, Farmville will mainly see sleet and snow with some rain mixed in. Further out into the piedmont may see snow and sleet. Into the mountains they may see a heavy wet snow accumulating up to a foot and in the higher elevations they will see heavy snow accumulating over a foot. Areas to the SE like the tidewater will see more rain than snow.

I'll have more updates as they come along, in the meantime, have a great day


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