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Extensive Tree Damage from Storms last night

By: tropicfreak, 6:50 PM GMT on July 28, 2010

Good afternoon. As you can tell, it is quite nasty out. Temps right now are in the low to mid 90s across much of commonwealth VA. You would probably be sweating just standing out there. Could we see t'storms this afternoon to bring relief from todays heat? I hate to say this but today only calls for a 20% chance of showers and t'storms, however, looking at the radar right now, it appears that a line of showers is just starting to form and they appear to be strengthening some. They are moving to the ESE, so we MIGHT see some rain or t'storms depending on how strong it is once it gets here. It is a few hours away, so we will just have to wait and see. But don't count on seeing a big soaker and not everyone will see one today. Anyway we will probably hit 95 today so take it easy out there as heat indices may reach 100. Tonight's low will be in the low to mid 70s. Tomorrow though we will have a cold front move through that will bring a 40% chance of showers and t'storms. Any of them that do become severe, expect strong winds, heavy downpours, frequent lightning and maybe some hail. There is a slim chance that we could see an isolated tornado but that will most likely not happen. Highs tomorrow will be in the lower 90s, so it is still going to be hot and humid. Expect the usual for tomorrow night as well, with lows in the low to mid 70s. The rest of the week will be the typical july weather, with highs in the upper 80s to mid 90s and a chance of t'storms in the afternoon, with another cold front arriving by the weekend bringing showers and thunderstorms Sat night into Sun.

There is nothing to discuss on the tropics, and no models are forecasting development in the next 48 to 72 hours.

Enjoy the rest of the week!!


live radar up to the minute on cbs 6 storm team blog

Ok we have a busy afternoon in store for us. We are under a severe T'storm watch, which includes all of metro Richmond and points northward. The main threat for severe thunderstorms are of course, damaging winds in excess of 60 mph, frequent lightning, hail, heavy downpours and a slim chance of a possible spin-up or isolated tornado. Warnings are already out and the line of storms that prompted the warning are headed straight for Richmond. They are currently following I-64. I will bring you updates as they come along.

We hit 100 at Richmond International Airport, the 10th time we've hit 100 this summer breaking the old record of nine 100 degree days in 1954. Also check out the chat on CBS 6 with live radar, and live storm team weather updates from the weather center. Be safe!!


WOW just wow. I have never experienced a storm like that in my life. I saw a tree uproot in my backyard, and our neighbors got the worst. If you want to see the storm damage pics I took, then check them out. I'll upload them as soon as I'm finished with this blog. About 20,000+ customers were without power, but now fortunately it has gone below 10,000. We were under a severe t'storm warning but there were some indications on radar that there was an inflow notch on radar near short pump, and one very near downtown richmond, close to the CBS 6 news center is and another possible one in NW C'field co. We saw quite a bit of damage but the worst was barely south of our street less than half a mile. There the damage was catastrophic. One house was hit by two trees, and another house was severly damaged when a tree crashed through 2 stories. These all happened just a minute away from me, and I am very thankful that our street didn't see the damage that folks not even a mile away did. Yes there was some damage and our neighbors house got the worst. A large tree fell (this was between our house and the neighbors) and on the way down, a branch took out the side porch railing to our house, it broke the window next door, destroyed an overhead light and crushed a basketball hoop. Portions of it were in their garage, getting very close to hitting their convertible. We had two trees down in our woods, one that is completely down, and one that is leaning against another tree. I went surveying today and as far as I know, parts of our neighborhood saw tree damage and parts didn't. As far as I know, a possible small tornado moved barely south of my house and did more damage across the main road to other subdivisions. Straight line winds couldn't have created a path that narrow of damage. Areas like Monument Ave saw quite a bit of damage too, and a possible tornado might have touched down in that area as well. Thankfully, there were no fatalities. There were a few injuries but thankfully everyone is ok.

Bonus: Two of my storm damage photos made it on the 11pm news last night on CBS 6. You can check them out on the CBS 6 storm team blog where my pics from monacan Hills and Smoketree neighborhood damage photos are, which were taken by me.

In the tropics.

90L poses a long term threat. It has exited Africa, and it is showing some signs of organization, and gradual development is possible. NHC has put 90L a 20% chance to develop in the next 48 hours. Another disturbance in the E Caribbean, near the Lessler Antillies, is currently disorganized at the moment, but some slow development is possible. NHC has put this at 10% chance to develop.

Rest assured that we won't see any rain today, as the strong cold front that moved through last night that brought us some severe weather has ushered in drier air, so therefore we won't see any rain today with highs in the upper 80s. Our next decent chance of rain though will come Sun as severe weather is possible that day, so keep a close eye on it. For the rest off the week, highs will be in the lower 90s with lows in the upper 60s and lower 70s and a small chance of a pop up showers and T'storms in the afternoon.

Have a great rest of the week, and for those of you who have damage hope it gets repaired quickly.


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