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By: washingtonian115, 10:52 PM GMT on September 14, 2011

Well we've all been through middle school.So we know what the deal is.In a normal class in middle school you have your popular kids.Then you have your average kids.Next you have the kids that are always picked on or just plain on invisable.That's how the Doc's comment section is.if you talked to a respectble blogger in a certain way(or in class a popular kid) then everybody will attack you.Sometimes you can get away with saying stuff on the blog.....it just matters who you say it to.Now with that said I try to avoid really commenting.Unless there is a blogger that I can really talk toon their.Also the foolish thing is that some of my comments were removed from the freaking blog FOR NO REASON.It was pretty retared.(Also is it just me but do you also have flash backs of middle school?).So if you do comment on the main blog don't really expect to see adult behavior on there all the time.

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