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Annoying state ads.Any just about anything you want to discuss

By: washingtonian115, 8:00 PM GMT on October 12, 2012

Well I know that in recent weeks some bloggers have had stuff on their mind but can't express it on the main blog due to the rules of the road.So I deciding to make a blog entry where members can discuss just about anything they want.Just please keep it friendly and no huge choas or fighting.I won't be around probab;y to discuss much as I have been using my phone as a way for internet excess and the poor thing would burn out.Ha ha1So enjoy talking about anything you want to talk about.

Beware their are hackers on this site

By: washingtonian115, 1:53 PM GMT on October 11, 2012

So about a few days ago my computer had crashed shortly after visiting this site and my computer went on a frenzy mode and flashed red.Then the entire screen went blue and then black.I thought I had fixed the problem.Then it said that my internet had been locked.All my files were also deleted and a huge norton sign came up and said that my computer was hacked into and viruses were flying like mad.So now I have to use other ways of blogging(Thats probably a good thing considering people have been giving me the cold shoulder these laste few weeks)

I'm not to sure who it is that hacked into my computer and I may be a bit paranoid at times.But I do think someone on here did.I have been getting hate mail from some bloggers as of late.I'm not to sure what the problem is but admin have to do something about it.

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