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What summer endings looks like in D.C

By: washingtonian115, 8:13 PM GMT on August 24, 2013

I'am not coming on the main blog like that anymore as most people on there I do not get along with/like.Anyway since I'm back on my main computer and for my good Wu friends and I have also came out so that the people think that they've won getting me perma banned have failed :).I did have a good time at the beach though.We left Friday afternoon and came back Friday night.The kids go back to school on Monday.So they were disappointed.What doesn't make since is that Labor day is next weekend so why not send them then?.Oh well at least I'll have peace and quite at the house this week.My daughter is off to college and seems to be getting used to the campus and is all ready meeting new friends.She too starts classes on Monday.


By: washingtonian115, 9:44 PM GMT on August 11, 2013

Look about yesterday I didn't mean to insult people who lived in Florida or the state it's self.It's just that when I said "Some people think the world revolves around Florida" I was mainly referring to LargoFl who came from out of the blue and attacked me for posting a picture with a cow and a pig saying they're best friends forever because they go good when your eating a Hamburger.He attacked me because I wasn't discussing/paying attention to the storm or whatever in Florida.Which I thought was unfair.Then someone came in and started with me.So I had to defend myself (mind you it was against six people :)).So i have nothing against the state it's just that I felt disrespected in a moment.This is a apology to the people who are from the state that may have felt insulted by what I was saying yesterday.I'm hoping to move past this.

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