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Thanks For having faith in me

By: washingtonian115, 9:39 PM GMT on June 30, 2015

Well I didn't want to cause a emotional commotion over at the main blog so I have made my own blog entry for this one :D.I wanted to make a blog entry to say thanks to the countless people who have stuck by me during the hard times on this blog and who continue to support me.I now realized looking back on how miserable I was as a person.It was a midlife crises and I finally admit that after being in denial with myself for some time.I was going through things both externally and internally in my personal life that affected my mood on the blog and I know it drove some people away that are not talking to me again.I decided to finally put that anger into something else,something positive and make a change.I started gearing that extra energy towards loosing weight and changing my eating habits and thoughts.I had to unfortunately let some people go who brought constant negativity in my life and surround my self with positive people who kept me motivated (friends family) to do my very best and to not loose sight of my goals.I was 200 pounds when I started to make a change.I spoke to my doctors and fellow co-workers who went through the process and friends.It was a hard road but it was well worth it! I'm more happy with myself and don't let the smaller things in life bother me anymore.I shrug more things off my shoulders that I would have other wise been upset about.

I hope I have encouraged both young and old minds that its not to late to change your life style for the better.being happy will also help you live longer I should add and keep your stress level down and that's something i can cheers and drink to :D

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